Charli XCX Announces Brat Deluxe Version

Charli XCX Announces Brat Deluxe Version

Charli XCX has just made an exciting announcement that is sure to thrill her fans: the release of the deluxe version of her album “Brat.” This extended edition, aptly named “Brat Deluxe,” is set to drop this Sunday, adding three new tracks to the already beloved album. The new songs, titled “Hello goodbye,” “Guess,” and “Spring Breakers,” will be available at midnight, promising to make the summer even more vibrant and brattier.

The original “Brat” album has been a hit among Charli XCX’s dedicated fanbase, who have been streaming it non-stop. However, despite its popularity, it hasn’t quite reached the top of the charts. Currently, Taylor Swift’s “The Tortured Poets Department” holds the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 200 for the seventh consecutive week. Other top contenders include ATEEZ’s “Golden Hour: Part.1,” Billie Eilish’s “Hit Me Hard and Soft,” Morgan Wallen’s “One Thing at a Time,” and Shaboozey’s “Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going.” While “Brat” may not be leading the charts, it has certainly made a significant impact on social media, with countless memes, TikToks, and Instagram posts celebrating the album.

Charli XCX’s announcement of the deluxe version of “Brat” comes on the heels of her recent release of two new singles, “Club classics” and “B2b,” which are part of the upcoming album. These tracks have already generated buzz among fans, who eagerly await the full album’s release on June 7. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Charli XCX shared the inspiration behind “Club classics,” revealing that it was conceived in producer George Daniel’s kitchen. The song was born out of her longing to hear music from her late friend and fellow artist Sophie Xeon, who tragically passed away in an accident in Athens, Greece.

Charli XCX explained that “Club classics” is a tribute to Sophie and a reflection of her desire to hear her own music and her friends’ music at clubs. The other single, “B2b,” has a more whimsical origin story, starting with a last-minute dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Louvre and ending in a studio in Los Angeles, surrounded by equipment covered in whipped cream.

In addition to the new music, Charli XCX has announced a U.K. tour to promote the upcoming album. The tour will take place from late November to early December, with stops in Manchester, London, Birmingham, and Glasgow. Fans can also pre-order vinyl copies of the album on Charli XCX’s official store and pre-save it on various music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music.

The release of “Brat Deluxe” is a significant milestone in Charli XCX’s career, following the success of her previous albums. Her fifth studio album, “Crash,” released in March 2022, marked a departure from her experimental, hyperpop sound, embracing a more conventional dance-pop style. “Crash” was a commercial success, topping the charts in Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, and becoming her first top ten album in New Zealand and the United States.

Charli XCX’s journey to “Brat” has been marked by creativity and resilience. After the release of her third studio album, “Charli,” in 2019, she quickly began working on new music. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, she continued to create, resulting in the release of her fourth studio album, “How I’m Feeling Now,” in May 2020. This album was a product of her self-isolation and showcased her ability to adapt and innovate in difficult circumstances.

As Charli XCX prepares to release “Brat Deluxe,” her fans eagerly anticipate the new tracks and the upcoming tour. The deluxe edition promises to add even more depth and excitement to an already beloved album, solidifying Charli XCX’s place as a dynamic and influential artist in the music industry. With her unique sound and creative vision, Charli XCX continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.

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