Netflix exorcism movie The Deliverance from Lee Daniels rated R for violence

Netflix exorcism movie The Deliverance from Lee Daniels rated R for violence

Netflix is set to release a new exorcism movie titled “The Deliverance,” directed by Lee Daniels, known for his work on “Precious.” The film has been rated R for its intense violence, promising a gripping and chilling experience for viewers. The project, initially referred to as “Demon House,” was picked up by Netflix for a staggering $65 million earlier this year.

“The Deliverance” boasts a star-studded cast, including Omar Epps, Demi Singleton, Miss Lawrence, and Anthony B. Jenkins. Andra Day, who starred in Daniels’ “The United States vs. Billie Holiday,” takes on the lead role of Ebony. The story revolves around Ebony, a mother from Indiana whose children reportedly become demonically possessed, inspired by a real-life case.

The real-life events that inspired the film occurred in Gary, Indiana, where Latoya Ammons and her three children experienced a series of terrifying incidents. These included levitation, violent behavior, and speaking in growls and deep voices, with no memory of the events afterward. The case drew significant attention, involving the Gary Police Department, Department of Child Services, and the local church and hospital. Reports from officers, doctors, and social workers documented the supernatural occurrences, including a chilling incident where Ammons’ 9-year-old son walked backward up a wall.

The cast of “The Deliverance” also features Glenn Close, Rob Morgan, Caleb McLaughlin, and Aunjanue Ellis. McLaughlin will portray Ebony’s son at an older age, Close will play Ebony’s mother, Morgan will be Ebony’s boyfriend, and Smith will play Asia, Ebony’s best friend. Initially, Octavia Spencer was cast to play a clergy member who assists Ebony, but she was replaced by Mo’Nique due to scheduling conflicts.

The screenplay for “The Deliverance” went through several drafts, with contributions from Dave Coggeshall and Elijah Bynum before Daniels took over the writing himself. Thomas Westfall also receives a writing credit. The film is produced by Daniels, Tucker Tooley, Pam Williams, Todd Crites, and Jackson Nguyen, with Greg Renker, Hilary Shor, Jackie Shenoo, and Gregoire Gensollen serving as executive producers.

The anticipation for “The Deliverance” is high, given the intriguing real-life inspiration and the talented cast and crew involved. The film’s R rating for violence suggests that it will not shy away from depicting the harrowing events that the Ammons family reportedly endured. As the release date approaches, horror enthusiasts and fans of supernatural thrillers are eagerly awaiting the chance to see how Daniels brings this chilling story to life on screen.

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