Chris Broderick, the renowned guitarist, recently opened up about his experiences with artistic freedom in his current band, IN FLAMES, compared to his time with MEGADETH. In a candid conversation as part of Jonathan Montenegro’s “My 3 Questions To” series, Broderick shared insights into the creative liberties he enjoys with IN FLAMES, a stark contrast to his previous tenure with MEGADETH.

Broderick, who joined IN FLAMES in early 2019, expressed that the band’s core members, Anders Fridén and Björn Gelotte, provide him with significantly more freedom to explore his musical ideas. He appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the band’s unique sound, which has been a defining element of the Swedish metal scene. Despite this freedom, Broderick acknowledges that the final direction of IN FLAMES’ music remains true to the band’s established identity, with Fridén and Gelotte having the ultimate say in the album’s composition.

Reflecting on his departure from MEGADETH in 2014, Broderick cited “artistic and musical differences” as the primary reason for his exit. He elaborated that while he was aware of Dave Mustaine’s dominant role in the band, he eventually felt the need to express his own musical and artistic vision. Broderick described MEGADETH as a non-democratic environment where Mustaine’s decisions were final, which limited his creative input.

During his time with MEGADETH, Broderick contributed to three studio albums: “Endgame” (2009), “TH1RT3EN” (2011), and “Super Collider” (2013). However, he felt that his ability to express himself musically was constrained. He fondly remembers the live performances and the warm reception from fans but felt that his creative contributions to the albums were minimal.

Broderick’s decision to leave MEGADETH was not made lightly. He compared his situation to a lawyer wanting to start their own firm or a chef opening their own restaurant. The tipping point came in late 2014 when he realized that his heart was no longer in the band’s creative process. Mustaine’s call to start working on a new album only solidified Broderick’s decision to part ways and seek a new path where he could have more artistic control.

Joining IN FLAMES has allowed Broderick to explore his musical interests more freely. The band has welcomed his contributions, and he has the option to pursue solo projects if he desires. This level of artistic freedom was something he longed for during his time with MEGADETH but never fully experienced.

Broderick’s journey from MEGADETH to IN FLAMES highlights the importance of creative freedom for artists. His experience with MEGADETH taught him valuable lessons about the music industry, including the significance of personal presentation and the business side of music. These insights have shaped his approach to his career and his role in IN FLAMES.

Since joining IN FLAMES, Broderick has become an integral part of the band, contributing to their evolving sound while enjoying the creative liberties he was previously denied. His story underscores the challenges musicians face in balancing artistic expression with the demands of established bands and the music industry.

In summary, Chris Broderick’s transition from MEGADETH to IN FLAMES has been marked by a newfound sense of artistic freedom. His experiences highlight the contrasting environments of the two bands and the impact of creative control on an artist’s satisfaction and growth. Broderick’s journey serves as a testament to the importance of finding a space where one’s artistic vision can flourish.

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