Doubling Down With the Derricos Stars Deon and Karen Officially Divorce

Doubling Down With the Derricos Stars Deon and Karen Officially Divorce

Doubling Down With the Derricos Stars Deon and Karen Officially Divorce

Deon and Karen Derrico, the stars of TLC’s “Doubling Down With The Derricos,” have officially ended their marriage. A judge finalized their divorce just two days after they filed, making the split official on June 6, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

The couple, who have been chronicling their life with 14 children on their reality show since 2020, will share legal and physical custody of their 13 minor children. Their eldest daughter, Darian, is 18 and was not included in the custody arrangement.

As part of the divorce settlement, Deon will pay $1,166 per month in child support. Karen, on the other hand, will not be required to pay child support but will be responsible for the children’s medical insurance. Despite the divorce, Karen will retain the “Derrico” last name, as she did not request to revert to her maiden name.

Fans of the show have witnessed the strain on Deon and Karen’s relationship in recent episodes. The couple has faced numerous challenges, including the chaos of managing a large household and disagreements over their living situation. In one episode, Karen expressed her frustration with their home, stating, “I am so over this house. Like, nothing in here seems to work and the walls are closing in.”

The Derricos’ journey on TLC began with the birth of their 14 children from just six pregnancies. Their family includes quintuplets, triplets, and twins, along with a few single births. The show has documented their unique family dynamics and the ups and downs of raising such a large brood.

Despite the divorce, Deon and Karen have emphasized their commitment to co-parenting their children. In a statement, they said, “Together, we remain unified in the parenting of our 14 beautiful children – their well-being is our priority. We thank everyone for their understanding and support as we move forward for the good of our family.”

The current season of “Doubling Down With The Derricos” has been filled with drama, including the family’s search for a new home and the challenges of raising multiple children going through puberty. Additionally, Deon’s mother, GG, has been battling cancer and has decided to stop her chemotherapy treatment, adding another layer of stress to the family’s life.

As the season progresses, viewers have also seen the couple’s eldest daughter, Darian, preparing to leave home and pursue her dreams in New York. This decision has been a point of contention between Deon and Karen, further highlighting the strains in their relationship.

The news of Deon and Karen’s divorce has come as a shock to many fans, especially given the speed at which the proceedings were finalized. The couple filed for divorce on June 4, and the judge signed off on the split just two days later. This rapid resolution has left some fans questioning the circumstances surrounding the divorce.

Despite the end of their marriage, the Derricos remain committed to their children and their well-being. As they navigate this new chapter in their lives, fans will undoubtedly continue to follow their journey on “Doubling Down With The Derricos.”

The season finale of the show is set to air on July 2, and it promises to provide more insights into the family’s ongoing challenges and triumphs. As always, the Derricos’ story is one of resilience, love, and the complexities of raising a large family.

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