JINJER’s New Music Will Have 19th-Century Flavor Says TATIANA SHMAILYUK

JINJER’s New Music Will Have 19th-Century Flavor Says TATIANA SHMAILYUK

During a recent episode of Knotfest’s “She’s With The Band,” hosted by Tori Kravitz, Tatiana Shmailyuk, the vocalist of Ukrainian modern metal band JINJER, shared exciting details about the band’s upcoming music. The show, which aims to amplify the voices of women in the music industry, provided a platform for Tatiana to discuss the progress of their new album, a follow-up to their 2021 release “Wallflowers.”

Tatiana revealed that the songwriting process has been challenging, particularly for her. She admitted to being behind on writing lyrics, a task she finds difficult under stress. However, she noted that deadlines often push her to produce her best work. “When the deadline’s coming, I just have to write,” she said. “I get this stream of consciousness, and I write down whatever is in my head. Then you build it from there.”

The new JINJER material promises to be different from their previous work. Tatiana mentioned that the music has a unique flavor, reminiscent of the 19th century. “It’s very romanticism from the 19th century,” she explained. “If you listen to it, you will think, ‘Oh.’ You know, when you listen to MUSE, you feel they were inspired by classical composers. Our new music has this flavor, and I’m so excited.”

Tatiana also hinted at a cohesive theme running through the new songs. While she didn’t specify the exact number of tracks, she mentioned that many of them share a similar vibe, making them feel like a set. “They have this concept within them,” she said. “Without any lyrics, they still sound like they belong to one box.”

In addition to the music, Tatiana is already thinking about the visual aspects of the new album, including the booklet, cover, and music videos. She even has ideas about what she will wear in the videos, all contributing to the 19th-century romanticism theme.

JINJER recently released their first official live DVD/Blu-ray, “Live In Los Angeles,” on May 17 via Napalm Records. The recording, filmed on December 22, 2022, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, celebrates the band’s 15-year career and their resilience through challenging times. The live album features 16 songs, including fan favorites like “Sit Stay Roll Over,” “Home Back,” and “Pisces.” The deluxe digipack edition includes two additional tracks, “Wallflower” and “Disclosure!,” recorded in Paris in 2023.

JINJER’s lineup consists of Tatiana Shmailyuk on vocals, Roman Ibramkhalilov on guitars, Eugene Abdukhanov on bass, and Vlad Ulasevich on drums. The band has been a significant force in the modern metal scene, known for their dynamic sound and powerful performances.

As fans eagerly await the new album, Tatiana’s insights into the creative process and the 19th-century inspiration behind the music have only heightened the anticipation. With a blend of modern metal and classical influences, JINJER’s upcoming release promises to be a unique and exciting addition to their discography.

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