Drake Shows Off His Elevated Soccer Dad Style at Son Adonis’ Match

Drake Shows Off His Elevated Soccer Dad Style at Son Adonis’ Match

Drake Shows Off His Elevated Soccer Dad Style at Son Adonis’ Match

Drake, the renowned Canadian rapper, recently turned heads with his sophisticated soccer dad style at his son Adonis’ soccer game. On Sunday, June 9, the 37-year-old artist shared a series of photos on Instagram, capturing his dapper look from the sidelines. Eschewing the typical casual sportswear, Drake opted for a more refined ensemble, featuring a cream short-sleeved T-shirt paired with brown high-waisted, wide-leg trousers, cinched with a brown belt. Adding a touch of preppy flair, he draped a sweater around his neck and completed the look with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

In the caption accompanying the photos, Drake wrote, “Goats don’t worry about one trick ponies,” a statement that not only highlighted his confidence but also drew attention from his celebrity friends. Ice Spice, among others, commented on his post with a simple yet impactful “Ate,” acknowledging Drake’s impeccable fashion sense.

While Drake’s sartorial choices were the focal point of the photos, his 6-year-old son Adonis also made an appearance. In one of the snapshots, Adonis, dressed in a blue jersey with the number 25, could be seen playing soccer as his proud father watched from the sidelines. Adonis, whose mother is French artist Sophie Brussaux, is no stranger to the limelight. He has previously appeared in Drake’s 2023 music video for “8 AM in Charlotte,” where he adorably explained a piece of artwork featuring a goat.

In the video, Adonis describes the artwork, saying, “So the goat was running away from the other monsters. And the other animals.” Drake then asks, “Daddy’s name is next to the goat. Does that mean that Daddy’s the goat?” to which Adonis sweetly replies, “Yes. So it’s Daddy Goat.” This heartwarming exchange further solidified the close bond between the father and son.

Drake’s elevated soccer dad style and his affectionate moments with Adonis have captured the attention of fans and followers alike. His ability to seamlessly blend his high-profile lifestyle with his role as a devoted father continues to endear him to many.

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