Who Is Jesse Rutherford?

Who Is Jesse Rutherford?

Jesse Rutherford, a name that resonates with fans of alternative rock and indie music, has carved a unique niche for himself in the entertainment industry. Born on August 21, 1991, in Thousand Oaks, California, Jesse James Rutherford is not just a singer and songwriter but also a former actor. He is best known as the lead vocalist of the alternative rock band The Neighbourhood and the hardcore band Valley Girl. His journey from a child performer to a celebrated musician is nothing short of inspiring.

Rutherford’s early life was steeped in the entertainment world. As a child, he participated in talent shows, impersonating famous artists like N’Sync members and Elvis Presley. This early exposure to performance arts paved the way for his future endeavors in television commercials and films. He appeared in notable projects such as the 2002 film “Life or Something Like It” and the television series “Star Trek: Enterprise.” These early experiences laid the foundation for his multifaceted career.

Musical Journey and The Neighbourhood

Jesse Rutherford’s musical journey took a significant turn in 2011 when he released his first solo project, a mixtape titled “Truth Hurts, Truth Heals.” This 17-song album showcased his ability to blend hip-hop and R&B influences, setting the stage for his future musical endeavors. Around the same time, Rutherford began collaborating with local musicians, leading to the formation of The Neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood, a genre-blending pop group, quickly gained recognition for its unique sound that combines atmospheric indie rock, electronica, and hip-hop beats with melodic, R&B-influenced vocals. The band’s debut song “Female Robbery” and the subsequent hit “Sweater Weather” from their album “I Love You.” catapulted them to fame. “Sweater Weather” became a radio sensation, reaching number one on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in June 2013 and earning a nine-times platinum certification in the US by 2022.

With The Neighbourhood, Rutherford performed at major music festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella, further solidifying the band’s place in the music industry. Their success was not just a testament to their musical talent but also to Rutherford’s ability to connect with audiences through his evocative lyrics and distinctive voice.

Solo Ventures and Artistic Exploration

In addition to his work with The Neighbourhood, Jesse Rutherford has pursued various solo projects that highlight his versatility as an artist. In early 2016, he released a 144-page book titled “&,” featuring photographs that explore gender fluidity. This project allowed Rutherford to express his artistic vision beyond music, showcasing his interest in fashion and visual arts.

Rutherford’s solo music career took off with the release of his debut solo studio album “&” in November 2017. The album, which contains 11 tracks with no features, was a departure from his work with The Neighbourhood, allowing him to explore different musical styles and themes. He followed this up with his second solo album “GARAGEB&” in April 2019. The album’s name reflects Rutherford’s rediscovery of his love for writing music, using the GarageBand app to create most of the tracks.

In March 2023, Rutherford signed with Atlantic Records and released two new singles, “Joker” and “Rainbow,” marking a new chapter in his solo career. These releases demonstrate his continued evolution as an artist, always pushing the boundaries of his musical expression.

Personal Life and Relationships

Jesse Rutherford’s personal life has often been in the spotlight, particularly his relationships. From 2015 to 2021, he was in a relationship with Devon Lee Carlson, a model and co-founder of Wildflower Cases. The couple was known for their collaborative projects, including a limited-edition T-shirt with Marc Jacobs that sold out within minutes. However, their relationship ended in 2021, as confirmed by Carlson in a podcast interview.

In October 2022, Rutherford began dating fellow singer Billie Eilish. Their relationship garnered significant media attention, partly due to their 10-year age gap. The couple made their relationship Instagram official on Halloween 2022 and appeared together at various public events. However, by May 2023, they had amicably parted ways, with both remaining good friends.

Acting Career and Other Ventures

Before his musical career took off, Jesse Rutherford had a promising start in acting. He appeared in films like “Life or Something Like It” and “Ted Bundy,” as well as television series such as “Star Trek: Enterprise.” Although he eventually shifted his focus to music, his acting background has undoubtedly influenced his stage presence and performance style.

Rutherford has also ventured into podcasting, launching the “Patients” podcast in 2020. This project allowed him to explore new forms of storytelling and connect with his audience on a different level. Additionally, he co-founded Therapy Records, a music publishing company, with Danny Parra. This venture reflects his commitment to supporting emerging artists and contributing to the music industry in various capacities.

Legacy and Influence

Jesse Rutherford’s impact on the music industry extends beyond his work with The Neighbourhood. His solo projects, artistic explorations, and entrepreneurial ventures showcase his multifaceted talent and dedication to his craft. He continues to inspire fans with his innovative approach to music and his willingness to push creative boundaries.

As an artist who has successfully navigated the worlds of acting, music, and fashion, Jesse Rutherford remains a dynamic and influential figure in contemporary culture. His journey from a child performer to a celebrated musician and artist is a testament to his resilience, creativity, and passion for the arts.

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