Fans Praise Jude Bellingham’s SKIMS Ad and His Toned Physique

Fans Praise Jude Bellingham’s SKIMS Ad and His Toned Physique

Jude Bellingham’s latest venture off the football pitch has sent fans into a frenzy. The 20-year-old Real Madrid star, who is set to be a key player for England at Euro 2024, has become the new face of Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand. The campaign, which features Bellingham in a pair of dark grey boxer shorts, showcases his well-toned physique and has left fans in awe.

The SKIMS Instagram account shared a video of Bellingham, where he can be seen flaunting his rippling abs and impressive football skills. The video, which leaves little to the imagination, has garnered significant attention, with fans taking to social media to express their admiration. Some fans were so taken aback by his physique that they questioned if he was even real.

In the video, Bellingham teases viewers with a bit of wordplay, saying, “I’m Jude Bellingham. Everybody’s wearing SKIMS.” The brand’s post accompanying the video read, “@JudeBellingham for SKIMS. Ahead of the Euros, the record-breaking England player sports our Mens underwear.”

The ad has received an overwhelming response on social media, with fans praising both Bellingham’s physique and Kardashian’s marketing acumen. Comments on X ranged from expressions of disbelief to outright admiration. One fan wrote, “Is it a joke? Like is he even real?” while another added, “I gasped.” A third fan pleaded, “Lord help me with this one,” and another humorously admitted, “Jude Bellingham partnered with SKIMS and I almost barked at my phone.”

Many fans have also commended Kim Kardashian for her strategic decision to feature Bellingham in the campaign. One fan wrote, “Jude Bellingham for SKIMS. Great marketing once again!” while another commented, “Kim is a genius.” Others noted that Kardashian’s choice was a calculated move, with one person writing, “Kim knows what she’s doing.”

The campaign has also received praise on Instagram, with users flooding the post with comments lauding Kardashian’s decision. Comments included, “Kimberly you did not,” “She knew what she was doing,” and “Oh Kimberly you genius.” Some fans even called for a documentary on how SKIMS secures such high-profile endorsements, with one user writing, “We need a documentary on how y’all are securing everybody and their agent.”

Kim Kardashian launched SKIMS for men last October, expanding her $4 billion brand with the help of Brazilian soccer star Neymar, NBA All-Star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and NFL defensive end Nick Bosa. In a press release at the time, Kardashian stated, “The expansion into the menswear space is a major milestone for the brand, and a testament to SKIMS’ commitment to providing solutions for everybody.”

Bellingham’s involvement in the campaign comes as he prepares to join the England squad for Euro 2024. The young midfielder, who earns a reported £220,000 a week at Real Madrid, will be hoping to replicate his club success on the international stage. England’s Euro 2024 campaign kicks off against Serbia on June 16, and all eyes will be on Bellingham to see if he can deliver.

The SKIMS campaign has not only highlighted Bellingham’s athletic prowess but also his potential as a fashion icon. Fans are eagerly anticipating his performance at the Euros, with many hoping that his success on the pitch will match his success off it.

In the meantime, the SKIMS campaign continues to generate buzz, with fans and fashion enthusiasts alike praising the collaboration. The campaign has successfully captured the attention of a younger demographic, further solidifying SKIMS’ position as a leading brand in the fashion industry.

As Bellingham gears up for Euro 2024, fans will undoubtedly be watching closely, both for his football skills and his newfound status as a fashion icon. With his undeniable talent and impressive physique, Bellingham is poised to make a significant impact both on and off the pitch.

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