Fans who kissed BTS Jin during free hug event face sexual harassment charges

Fans who kissed BTS Jin during free hug event face sexual harassment charges

Fans who kissed BTS’ Jin without his consent during a recent free hug event are now facing sexual harassment charges. Jin organized the event to celebrate his return from mandatory military service on June 13 at the Seoul Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium. The event was meant to be a wholesome gathering for ARMY, BTS’ dedicated fanbase, who were grateful for Jin’s thoughtful gesture. However, the event took an unexpected turn when a few fans crossed the line.

Out of the 1000 fans invited, most adhered to the event’s spirit, hugging Jin and moving on. However, some fans attempted to kiss Jin on the cheek, an act that was caught on camera and quickly sparked controversy. On June 14, the Seoul Songpa Police Station confirmed that a report had been filed accusing these fans of sexual harassment and violating the Sexual Violence Punishment Act. The police received complaints through the National Petition Platform and are now reviewing the report to decide whether to launch a formal investigation.

A fan, identified as ‘A,’ expressed their outrage on an online fan community forum. They stated, “During Jin’s offline fan meeting with 1000 fans celebrating his military discharge, some fans attempted sexual harassment. This angered me as a fan who enjoys BTS’ music. The fans who sexually harassed Jin should be immediately investigated and punished under Article 11 of the Sexual Violence Punishment Act for ‘molestation in a crowded place.'”

Netizens were quick to voice their opinions, with comments like, “This meaningful event got trashed,” “That’s sexual harassment, period,” and “They crossed the line.” The incident has left many fans disappointed and angry, tarnishing what was supposed to be a joyous occasion.

Jin may have urged his company to organize the Festa hug event to reconnect with his fans on the group’s 11th anniversary following his military discharge. However, some ARMYs reportedly overstepped boundaries, leading to severe consequences. On June 14, Seoul Songpa Police Station confirmed that a complaint had been filed through the National Petition System, addressing a potential violation of the Sexual Violence Punishment Act. This news came just a day after BTS’ 11th anniversary, marking the highly anticipated return of the group’s eldest member.

Jin conducted an exclusive in-person event on June 13, where one thousand lucky fans had the opportunity to greet or hug him. While most fans respectfully engaged with Jin, some unexpectedly attempted to kiss him. A police official stated that they had received a complaint through the National Petition System requesting an investigation into two individuals who forcefully kissed Jin on the neck. The suspects have not yet been booked, but the police are considering a formal investigation based on the complaint’s details.

Earlier, a BTS fan, dubbed “A,” announced on an online fan community that they had reported the case of a few intrusive fans attempting to kiss Jin during the hug event to the Seoul Songpa Police Station. They wrote, “I reported a violation of Article 11 of the Sexual Violence Punishment Act, ‘molestation in a crowded place,’ through the National Petition System.” Several videos and photos from the event have sparked heated discussions on social media, showing a flustered Jin turning away from individuals engaging in such invasive actions.

Two ARMYs who kissed Jin have been reported to the police. The BTS fans planted a peck on the singer’s neck during the special hug event at BTS Festa 2024. On June 14, Songpa Police Station revealed that they had received a complaint requesting an investigation into the two fans who forcefully tried to kiss Jin, for violating the Sexual Violence Punishment Law. The police are currently considering whether the report warrants a full investigation.

Jin, who was recently discharged from the military, held the hug event to celebrate his return and BTS’ 11th debut anniversary. While most fans kept the event wholesome, two fans kissed the singer on his neck, causing a stir among the fandom. “If Jin wanted to be kissed, he would organize a kiss event. You have no right to abuse their goodwill and ruin everything beautiful, leaving us disappointed,” a fan wrote. Another added, “Why do people think it’s okay to do this? It was a free hug event! This is sexual assault. He clearly was uncomfortable with the way he pulled back,” while a third stated, “She needs to be sued and blacklisted from all future events and GAs, that is assault.”

BTS Festa is an annual festival celebrating BTS’ debut anniversary. The event usually kicks off a week or two before the group’s debut day, June 13. During the weeks-long celebration, the seven members release new songs, pictures, content, and more. While all seven members might not have been present during BTS Festa 2024, Jin ensured that their absence wasn’t felt. He held a hug event, performed his hit solo tracks, covered Jungkook’s “Seven,” hosted a live Eat Jin session, and more.

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