From Best Friends to ‘Okay’: Corcino and Porta’s LCDLF Rift

The friendship between former contestants of the fourth season of La casa de los famosos, Patricia Corcino and Cristina Porta, is not as strong now as it appeared during their time inside the reality show.

Patricia and Cristina were close friends and significant figures in the ‘Cuarto Fuego’, but in an interview on “Detrás de La Casa” at Telemundo 62 Philadelphia, the Spanish communicator confessed that currently, among all the participants of the reality show, she considers someone else as her true friend.

“For me, friendship is a profound word, and I can tell you that today I only have one true friend, which is Serrath. She proved her friendship inside the house, and outside, she has been a great support for me. With Patricia, I have cordiality; we have talked, but there are things she has said that I did not like,” disclosed Cristina.

“I would like to clarify, currently there’s a lot of controversy over the issue with Paulo, about whether I took off Paulo’s bracelet. No, I did not take off Paulo’s bracelet, I took off the Fire bracelet that I also shared with Patricia. I have felt disappointment by both of these individuals. Ok, so the person left is Paulo, ok, I understand that it generates more controversy, more debate that I get along badly with Paulo. It’s not like that, I simply have seen things that I believe could have negatively impacted me inside the house and outside that I didn’t like, I’ve discussed this with Patricia, the relationship is ok, but I still can’t speak of friendship,” shared the communicator, remembered in the reality show for her spontaneous phrase “¡Hasta luego, Maricarmen!”, among other things.

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