Odd Interference During ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ Interview with Jenni Rivera’s Sister

On Tuesday, the latest installment of Al rojo vivo was broadcasted, living up to its name with a slew of jaw-dropping news and dramatic moments. However, one segment, in particular, stood out for its intensity.

Azucena Cierco, a correspondent on the show, was tasked with covering a peculiar event that occurred during an interview with Rosie Rivera, a contestant on the new season of Top Chef.

The journalist joined Jessica Carrillo on set to share precisely what happened at the moment they were discussing Jenni Rivera. “Just as I was telling Rosie how proud the Diva would have been to see her shining, look at what happened,” the reporter said before introducing the video clip.

Unexpectedly, a significant distortion in the sound emerged, only during the mention of the late singer. This interference didn’t happen at any other point in their conversation. Could it have been the singer making her presence felt?

Following the unusual audio disturbance, which only occurred at the moment Jenni Rivera was mentioned and not at any other time during the interview, the incident piqued their curiosity. Consequently, they decided to seek a parapsychologist’s opinion to understand the peculiar event.

An expert analyzed the footage and acknowledged the potential of an energetic channeling manifesting in that manner. On Telemundo’s show, he detailed his theory on why this could happen, once again highlighting the enduring legacy and impact of the unforgettable artist.


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