Fromis_9 Confirmed To Be Preparing For August Comeback

Fromis_9 Confirmed To Be Preparing For August Comeback

K-pop enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate as fromis_9 is gearing up for a highly anticipated comeback this August. Pledis Entertainment, the girl group’s label, has officially confirmed the news, sparking excitement among fans worldwide.

Earlier today, Pledis Entertainment made an announcement through South Korean news outlet Newsen, revealing that fromis_9 is diligently working on new music. The label also outlined a series of upcoming performances and activities for the group, indicating a busy and eventful period ahead.

“Love calls from festivals are flooding in for fromis_9,” Pledis Entertainment stated. The group is scheduled to perform at the Dongyang Mirae University Festival on May 17, followed by the Spring Breeze on Campus event at Kyunghee University Peace Hall on May 18. They will also grace the ‘KBS Korea On Stage’ event at Gyeongbokgung Palace on May 21.

In addition to these performances, the agency disclosed that fromis_9 is “preparing for a comeback” and that the preparations are “proceeding without a hitch.” The statement further mentioned that this year, the group plans to showcase not only new music but also a variety of activities, including a special photo exhibition. Pledis Entertainment assured fans that they are providing the necessary support for these endeavors.

This announcement comes shortly after fromis_9 member Chaeyoung expressed her frustration over the group’s lack of music releases during a recent livestream. She questioned, “Why are we the only ones who have to wait a long time to be active?” Her candid remarks resonated with fans who have been eagerly awaiting new content from the group.

The last release from fromis_9 was the single ‘Love Me Back’ in October 2023, which was part of the soundtrack for the webcomic Operation: True Love. Prior to that, the group released their first studio album ‘Unlock My World’ in June 2023, featuring the title track #menow. The album also included the track ‘Attitude,’ which was named one of the best K-pop songs of 2023 by NME. ‘Unlock My World’ marked fromis_9’s first release as an eight-member group following the departure of member Jang Gyu-ri in late July 2022.

Adding to the excitement, SPOTV News reported on August 25 that fromis_9 would be making a comeback on September 14 with a new album. According to the report, the group has already finished filming their new music video and is making final preparations for the release. A source from Off The Record Entertainment confirmed, “fromis_9 is preparing to release an album mid-September.” This comeback will be their first in approximately one year and three months since the release of ‘Fun Factory’ in June 2019.

Fromis_9, formed through Mnet’s ‘Idol School,’ has released several hit songs over the years, including ‘DKDK,’ ‘Love Bomb,’ and ‘FUN!’ The group’s popularity has continued to grow, with member Jang Gyuri recently starring in tvN’s ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.’

Fans are undoubtedly thrilled about the upcoming comeback and the promise of new music and activities from fromis_9. The group’s return is highly anticipated, and the excitement is palpable as the release date approaches.

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