Geezer Butler Says Ozzy Osbourne Desperately Wants Final Concert

Geezer Butler Says Ozzy Osbourne Desperately Wants Final Concert

In a recent interview, Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler shared insights into the band’s final tour and the possibility of a last concert featuring Ozzy Osbourne. Reflecting on the “The End” tour, which concluded in February 2017 in Birmingham, England, Butler noted the physical challenges the band faced, particularly with guitarist Tony Iommi battling cancer. Despite these hurdles, the tour marked a significant chapter in the band’s history.

Butler expressed regret that original drummer Bill Ward couldn’t join them due to health issues. Ward, who has had heart problems, declined to participate unless he could perform the entire set, a condition that wasn’t feasible. This decision led the band to proceed without him, marking the end of an era for Black Sabbath.

Recently, Ozzy Osbourne has voiced a strong desire to reunite the original band for one final concert. Osbourne, who has been dealing with significant health issues, including a recent spinal surgery, is eager to perform one last time. He envisions a final show where Black Sabbath could play a few songs, making it a memorable farewell for both his solo career and the band.

Butler is supportive of this idea, stating that he is “definitely up for it.” However, he is uncertain about the willingness of Iommi and Ward to participate. The logistics and physical demands of such a performance remain a concern, especially given Ward’s health and the technical challenges of coordinating a reunion.

The relationship between Butler and Osbourne has seen its ups and downs. Butler revealed that he and Osbourne are now in regular contact, a significant improvement from previous years when miscommunication led to a rift. Osbourne had felt neglected by Butler during his health struggles, but the two have since reconnected, clearing up misunderstandings through intermediaries.

Despite the challenges, Butler remains hopeful about the possibility of a final performance. He acknowledges the technical advancements that could facilitate such an event, even if the band members aren’t physically together in the studio. This optimism is tempered by the reality of their health and the complexities of organizing a reunion.

Osbourne’s health has been a significant factor in his recent decisions. He has undergone multiple surgeries to address issues stemming from a fall in 2019, which exacerbated existing conditions. These health struggles have led him to cancel performances and reconsider his future on stage. However, his determination to perform one last time remains strong.

In interviews, Osbourne has expressed a deep sense of loss over his inability to perform regularly. He describes his relationship with performing as one of the best in his life, and the thought of saying goodbye to it is difficult. Yet, he remains hopeful that he can give fans a proper farewell, expressing gratitude for their support over the years.

The dynamics within Black Sabbath have always been complex, influenced by personal relationships and professional disagreements. Osbourne has been vocal about his disappointment with Butler’s lack of contact during his health crises, a sentiment that Butler has addressed publicly. Despite these tensions, the bond between the band members remains, shaped by decades of shared history and mutual respect.

Butler’s autobiography, “Into The Void: From Birth To Black Sabbath – And Beyond,” sheds light on these relationships, highlighting the personal and professional challenges the band has faced. He describes his relationship with Osbourne as one of brotherhood, despite the occasional fallout. This enduring connection underscores the possibility of a final reunion, driven by a shared desire to honor their legacy.

As Osbourne continues to navigate his health challenges, the prospect of a final concert remains uncertain but hopeful. Both he and Butler are committed to making it happen if circumstances allow. For fans, this potential reunion represents a chance to celebrate the band’s storied career and bid farewell to one of rock’s most iconic acts.

In the meantime, Osbourne is focused on his recovery and the possibility of future performances. He remains determined to give fans a memorable farewell, whether through a final concert or other means. His resilience and dedication to his craft continue to inspire, even as he faces significant health challenges.

The story of Black Sabbath is one of enduring legacy, marked by triumphs and trials. As the band members navigate their individual paths, the possibility of a final reunion remains a testament to their lasting impact on the world of rock music. For Osbourne, Butler, and their fans, the hope of one last performance is a powerful reminder of the band’s enduring influence and the bonds that have shaped their journey.

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