Glen Powell Discovers Cannibal Date Story Was Fake

Glen Powell Discovers Cannibal Date Story Was Fake

Glen Powell recently found himself at the center of a viral sensation after sharing a spine-chilling story about his sister’s friend who allegedly went on a date with a cannibal. The tale, which Powell recounted on the Therapuss podcast hosted by Jake Shane, quickly captivated the internet, but it turns out the story might be nothing more than an urban legend.

During the podcast, Powell described how his sister’s friend met a charming man and ended up at his apartment. The man offered to give her a massage, and although she felt uneasy, she agreed. The next day, her skin began to itch uncontrollably, prompting her to visit a doctor. The doctor revealed that the lotion used on her was a black market product designed to break down skin for human consumption. The story took an even darker turn when Powell claimed that the police found multiple bodies at the man’s house.

The internet was understandably horrified. Social media platforms buzzed with reactions ranging from disbelief to sheer terror. One user exclaimed, “MY JAW DROPPED?????” while another commented, “Holy f–king s–t???” The story’s virality was fueled by its shocking nature and the fact that it came from a well-known actor.

However, as the story gained traction, skeptics began to question its authenticity. Fact-checking website Snopes quickly debunked the tale, labeling it as false and tracing its origins back to at least 2001. Different versions of this urban legend have circulated for years, often involving a necrophiliac rather than a cannibal. The details may vary, but the core elements remain the same, evolving over time as the story is retold.

Powell himself seemed taken aback by the revelation that the story he had been sharing for years was likely a fabrication. He took to social media to express his disbelief, writing, “Props to my little sister’s friend who told her this dating story…I’ve been telling this for years. I’m questioning my whole life now…False alarm. Back rubs are back.”

The incident highlights how easily urban legends can spread, especially when shared by a public figure. The internet, while a powerful tool for fact-checking, also allows for the rapid dissemination of false information. In this case, a sensational story captivated millions before being debunked.

Despite the story’s dubious origins, it serves as a reminder of the importance of trusting one’s instincts. Powell’s sister’s friend, real or fictional, felt something was off and chose to leave, potentially saving herself from a dangerous situation. The tale, though likely untrue, underscores the real dangers that can exist in the dating world.

As the dust settles, Powell’s story will likely be remembered as a cautionary tale about the power of urban legends and the importance of verifying information before sharing it. While the internet can be a breeding ground for such myths, it also provides the tools to debunk them, reminding us all to approach sensational stories with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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