Guest on Joe Rogan’s Podcast Dropped $1 Million Cash

Guest on Joe Rogan’s Podcast Dropped $1 Million Cash

Australian martial artist Craig Jones made a jaw-dropping appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, where he dramatically dumped $1 million in cash on the table. This audacious move was to promote his upcoming fighting tournament, the Craig Jones Invitational.

Jones, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, joined Rogan on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast to discuss his new tournament. Midway through the interview, Jones decided to prove he had the prize money to pay the winners by bringing a duffel bag filled with cash.

Rogan, visibly surprised, remarked, “You brought with you a million dollars in cash, which I’ve never seen before. Just tip it out.” Jones then proceeded to empty the camo duffel bag, revealing stacks of bills. Rogan, taken aback, commented, “Ladies and gentlemen, that is one million dollars in cash. That is so ridiculous.”

The Craig Jones Invitational aims to rival the prestigious Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) Submission Fighting World Championship, where Jones has previously won several medals. The tournament, set for August, will feature two weight classes above 170 lbs. and one below, with a prize pool of up to $1 million.

Jones explained his decision to bring real cash instead of prop money. “I had the idea to bring a prop $1 million on Joe Rogan,” he said. “But I thought, if they already don’t believe I have the money, and I pull out fake money, my tournament’s screwed.”

The Craig Jones Invitational is described on its website as a nonprofit dedicated to elevating sport and athlete compensation while raising money for charitable causes. The event promises to be a significant competitor to the ADCC, offering larger sums than the existing prize money at ADCC and IBJJF tournaments.

Jones’s bold move on Rogan’s podcast has already attracted notable names in the grappling world, including Nicky Ryan, Mason Fowler, and Nicky Rodriguez. UFC middleweight star Luke Rockhold has also accepted an invite to participate.

Rogan, who has an estimated net worth of $200 million, was almost speechless at the sight of the cash. “I’ve never seen a million dollars in one place! I’ve never even seen a million-dollar check,” he exclaimed. “Whoever is running this really trusts you.”

Jones also teased a potential super-fight with Gabi Garcia, one of the most decorated female athletes in grappling history. “Now we’re talking the most decorated female athlete of all time, Gabi Garcia, has put pen to paper to face me at my event,” Jones revealed. Rogan pressed for confirmation, and Jones assured, “One hundred percent gonna happen.”

The episode was a hit with viewers, who took to social media to express their excitement. One fan tweeted, “It was an iconic episode,” while another added, “Out of all the people who have been on Joe Rogan’s podcast, I didn’t think Craig Jones would be the one to bring a million dollars in cash.”

Jones’s antics won the approval of many fans, with one saying, “Craig Jones showing up to JRE with a milly in cash is [expletive] awesome.” The Craig Jones Invitational promises to be a game-changer in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, offering substantial prize money and supporting charitable causes.

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