How Netflix fans and The Voice are revitalizing Reba McEntire’s sitcom popularity

How Netflix fans and The Voice are revitalizing Reba McEntire’s sitcom popularity

Reba McEntire has been a beloved figure in the entertainment industry for decades, and her sitcom “Reba” holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. Last year, McEntire sparked excitement when she hinted at the possibility of reviving her popular sitcom. This news has not only thrilled viewers but also her former castmates, who are eager to return to their roles.

Steve Howey, who played Van Montgomery, Reba’s onscreen son-in-law, expressed his enthusiasm for a potential reboot. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Howey said he would do anything to bring back his character. “I mean, I don’t even know because when I played Van on that show, I was in my early 20s,” Howey remarked. “And to see where Van is now and where the family is, I mean, I would do anything. Reba says, ‘Jump,’ and I’ll say, ‘How high?'”

McEntire first mentioned the potential revival during an appearance on The Bobby Bones Show last July. She revealed that they have been working hard to make the reboot happen, stating, “I really want to work with the people that I got to work with during that six and a half years.”

“Reba” originally premiered on The WB in 2001 and aired for five seasons before moving to The CW for its sixth and final season. The show followed Reba Hart, a middle-aged suburban mom from Houston, whose life is turned upside down when her husband leaves her for his dental hygienist. The series starred Christopher Rich as Brock Enroll Hart, Reba’s ex-husband; JoAnna García Swisher as Cheyenne Montgomery, Reba’s oldest daughter; Scarlett Pomers as Kyra Eleanor Hart, Reba’s other daughter; Mitch Holleman as Jacob “Jake” Mitchell Hart, Reba’s youngest son; and Melissa Peterman as Barbra Jean Hart, the dental hygienist.

In 2021, JoAnna García Swisher told People that she would love to be part of a reboot. “I think it’s been more than just thought about and something that I think we would all really love to be a part of,” she said. “It’s very much in our hearts and our minds and topics of conversations. I can assure you that if someone came to all of us and said that they wanted to do it, we’re all there ready with all of the stories.”

McEntire recently starred in the Lifetime movie “The Hammer” alongside her former “Reba” co-star Melissa Peterman. During an interview with E! News, McEntire mentioned that they discussed the idea of a “Reba” reboot while on set, though she remained doubtful that it would happen. “We talked about that a lot,” McEntire said. “I don’t think that’s ever going to come to fruition, but maybe one of these days.”

Despite her doubts, McEntire’s fans have not given up hope. The resurgence of interest in her sitcom can be attributed to two major factors: Netflix and “The Voice.” Netflix has introduced “Reba” to a new generation of viewers, while McEntire’s role as a coach on “The Voice” has kept her in the public eye.

Netflix has played a significant role in revitalizing the popularity of many classic TV shows, and “Reba” is no exception. By making the series available for streaming, Netflix has allowed both old fans to relive their favorite moments and new fans to discover the show for the first time. The platform’s vast reach has introduced “Reba” to a global audience, further cementing its status as a beloved sitcom.

Meanwhile, McEntire’s presence on “The Voice” has kept her connected with fans and introduced her to a younger audience. As a coach on the popular singing competition, McEntire has showcased her charisma, humor, and genuine love for music. Her role on the show has reminded viewers of her talent and charm, sparking renewed interest in her past work, including “Reba.”

The combination of Netflix and “The Voice” has created a perfect storm for the resurgence of “Reba.” Fans are eager to see their favorite characters return to the screen, and the show’s cast is equally enthusiastic about the possibility. While McEntire has expressed doubts about a reboot, the continued interest from fans and the success of other revived sitcoms suggest that anything is possible.

In recent years, several popular sitcoms have been revived, including “Sex and the City” spinoff “And Just Like That,” “Night Court,” “Beavis and Butt-head,” “Party Down,” and the upcoming “Frasier” reboot. These revivals have shown that there is a strong appetite for nostalgic content, and “Reba” could be the next show to benefit from this trend.

As fans continue to express their desire for a “Reba” reboot, the show’s cast remains hopeful. The combination of Netflix’s streaming power and McEntire’s visibility on “The Voice” has breathed new life into the sitcom, proving that its charm and humor are timeless. Whether or not a reboot comes to fruition, the enduring popularity of “Reba” is a testament to the show’s impact and the love fans have for its characters.

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