In a Violent Nature Chris Nash Ry Barrett on Mesmerizing Slasher

In a Violent Nature Chris Nash Ry Barrett on Mesmerizing Slasher

Have you ever pondered what Jason Voorhees does when he’s not terrorizing camp counselors, or what Freddy Krueger does when the Elm Street kids are awake? If so, you’ll understand the intrigue surrounding “In a Violent Nature.” This film, directed by Chris Nash and starring Ry Barrett, promises to revolutionize the slasher genre by offering a fresh perspective: the killer’s point of view.

“In a Violent Nature” diverges from the typical slasher formula by focusing on the mundane aspects of a killer’s life. The film has garnered glowing reviews from its festival run, including high praise from critics like Sean Parker. Despite my general aversion to the slasher subgenre, the unique premise and positive buzz compelled me to watch it.

The film features a cast that includes Andrea Pavlovic, Cameron Love, Reece Presley, Liam Leone, Charlotte Creaghan, Lea Rose Sebastianis, Sam Roulston, Alexander Oliver, and Lauren Taylor. The plot centers on a group of young adults vacationing at a cabin in the woods. One of them unwittingly awakens a supernatural killer named Johnny by removing a locket from a collapsed fire tower. Johnny, portrayed by Ry Barrett, is a Jason Voorhees-esque figure who will stop at nothing to retrieve the locket, even if it means a killing spree.

What sets “In a Violent Nature” apart is its focus on Johnny’s perspective. When he’s not actively hunting his victims, Johnny is often seen walking through the woods. These scenes, devoid of a musical score, feature only the sounds of nature and Johnny’s footsteps. While some might find these moments dull, I found them mesmerizing. The combination of natural sounds and beautiful forest visuals creates a hypnotic, almost arthouse experience.

However, the film doesn’t entirely break free from slasher conventions. The characters, seen mostly through Johnny’s eyes, lack depth and serve primarily as cannon fodder. Their deaths, while creatively executed, lack emotional impact. If you’re a fan of inventive kills, you’ll likely enjoy these scenes. Two kills, in particular, stand out for their creativity—one takes a slow, arthouse approach, while the other is so over-the-top it’s almost comical.

For those who prefer straightforward brutality, like in “Halloween Kills,” the flashy nature of the kills in “In a Violent Nature” might be less appealing. Some scenes even feel like Johnny is performing for an audience rather than engaging in a genuine rampage. However, not all kills are flashy; two are more subdued and employ clever camerawork and atmospheric elements, making them my favorites.

Despite its unique perspective and arthouse touches, “In a Violent Nature” remains a standard slasher in many ways. The film’s focus on Johnny means we don’t get to know the victims well, which diminishes the emotional weight of their deaths. Yet, the film’s creative kills and the novelty of following the killer’s perspective make it a worthwhile watch for slasher fans.

“In a Violent Nature” is set to release in theaters on May 31, with a streaming release on Shudder to follow. If you’re a fan of the slasher genre, this film offers a fresh take that could make it a cult classic. For those less enamored with slashers, the film’s unique elements might still make it worth a cautious recommendation.

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