Inside Look: Michelle Salas & Paloma Cuevas’ Bond with Luis Miguel

Antonio Pérez Garibay, the father of Checo and a friend of Luis Miguel, recently shared that Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel’s daughter, and his current partner, Paloma Cuevas, enjoy a great relationship. Whenever the singer spends time with his daughter, Paloma is present too.

Over a year since Luis Miguel and Paloma’s relationship became public, their bond continues to flourish. Throughout the “Luis Miguel Tour 2023-2024,” the Spanish designer was inseparable from the iconic singer of “Cuando calienta el Sol.”

Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel’s eldest daughter, was also a frequent presence on this tour, seen at various concerts in Mexico, the United States, and Spain.

Typically, after his shows, “Mickey” would dine and enjoy the evening with his daughter and partner, prompting the press to ask Pérez Garibay, who is close to Luis Miguel, about the rapport between Michelle and Paloma. He described their relationship as “excellent.”

Pérez Garibay praised Cuevas, stating she has added significantly to the singer’s life by encouraging him to be his best self: “You will see the best Luis Miguel ever. He is fulfilled and happier, something he needed.”

He further commented on Paloma’s grace, likening her qualities to that of a true queen: “She is a great, great woman, a queen in all her ways; walking, talking, eating, and sleeping like a queen because she is one.”

He expressed confidence that Paloma would be supportive of Luis Miguel maintaining a relationship with his children, indicating her positive influence on his life.

Pérez Garibay also suggested that the singer’s inability to see his younger children, Miguel and Daniel, might stem from obstacles created by Aracely Arámbula. However, he hoped that, like with Salas, the boys would seek out their father when they reach adulthood, enabling them to make up for lost time.

Regarding his relationship with Michelle, he pointed out it’s wonderful today, untouched by the interference of her mother. “She loves, looks for her father, walks with him, travels with him, and now that she is of age, no one can say anything about it,” he concluded.

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