Janet Jackson Performs Remix of Nasty with Tinashe

Janet Jackson Performs Remix of Nasty with Tinashe

Janet Jackson and Tinashe have created a moment to remember. During her Together Again tour stop in Utah, Janet Jackson surprised fans by performing a remix of her iconic 1986 hit “Nasty” with Tinashe’s viral track of the same name. The unexpected mashup left the audience in awe and Tinashe herself speechless. The singer took to social media to express her excitement, simply tweeting, “Woahhhhh …”

Tinashe has long admired Janet Jackson, often citing her as one of her biggest inspirations. A few years ago, Tinashe tweeted about her admiration for Jackson, calling her one of her “biggest idols” and naming Jackson’s 1997 album, The Velvet Rope, as her favorite album of all time. This recent collaboration marks a full-circle moment for Tinashe, who has been vocal about how much Jackson’s work has influenced her own music.

The remix performance comes at a time when Tinashe’s “Nasty” is enjoying widespread success. The track has become a viral sensation on TikTok and has even been remixed with Beach House’s “Space Song” by users on the platform. Tinashe recently performed the hit on late-night television, further cementing its popularity. The song’s success is particularly significant for Tinashe, as it marks her first solo charting song on the Billboard Hot 100 and is an independent release.

Janet Jackson’s decision to incorporate Tinashe’s “Nasty” into her tour setlist is a testament to the song’s impact and Tinashe’s rising star power. Jackson’s Together Again tour has been a celebration of her illustrious career, and this mashup is just one of the many highlights. The performance not only pays homage to Tinashe but also showcases Jackson’s ability to stay relevant and connected to the next generation of artists.

This isn’t the first time Jackson has shown love to contemporary artists during her tour. She previously incorporated Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” into her “Nasty” track, although Lamar has yet to react publicly. These mashups highlight Jackson’s versatility and her willingness to embrace new music while honoring her own legacy.

Tinashe’s reaction to Jackson’s performance was one of pure joy and gratitude. The Kentucky native expressed her incredulity on Twitter, quote-tweeting the clip and seemingly giving her sign of praise, gratefulness, and appreciation. This moment is a significant milestone in Tinashe’s career, as it not only validates her work but also connects her to one of her biggest idols in a meaningful way.

In addition to her musical success, Tinashe has been making waves in other areas as well. She recently launched her own weed strand in collaboration with the brand RYTHM, further expanding her influence and brand. This new venture adds another layer to Tinashe’s multifaceted career, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to diversify her portfolio.

The collaboration between Janet Jackson and Tinashe is a powerful example of how music can bridge generations and bring artists together. Jackson’s willingness to incorporate Tinashe’s work into her own performances is a testament to her respect for the younger artist and her recognition of Tinashe’s talent. This moment is not just a highlight for Tinashe but also a reminder of Jackson’s enduring influence and relevance in the music industry.

Fans are hopeful that this collaboration could lead to more joint projects between the two artists in the future. The chemistry and mutual respect between Jackson and Tinashe are evident, and a formal collaboration would undoubtedly be a hit. For now, fans can revel in the magic of this unexpected remix and look forward to what both artists have in store next.

As Janet Jackson continues her Together Again tour, fans can expect more surprises and memorable moments. Her ability to blend her classic hits with contemporary music keeps her performances fresh and exciting. For Tinashe, this moment is a significant milestone in her career, and it will be exciting to see how she continues to build on this success.

In a world where music often feels fragmented, moments like these remind us of the power of collaboration and mutual respect. Janet Jackson and Tinashe have shown that when artists come together, they can create something truly special. This remix of “Nasty” is a testament to the enduring power of music and the connections it can forge across generations.

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