Jax Taylor says he and Brittany Cartwright are working things out

Jax Taylor says he and Brittany Cartwright are working things out

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are navigating a complex chapter in their relationship, with Taylor recently revealing that the couple is actively working on their issues. The Bravo star, 44, took to social media to clarify the status of their relationship, stating, “we are working things out.” This comes after a tumultuous period that saw the couple split earlier this year.

The drama unfolded during the season finale of “The Valley,” where viewers witnessed a heated argument between Taylor and Cartwright that led to their separation. Taylor was quick to point out that the footage was filmed months ago, suggesting that the situation has since evolved.

Fans of the couple were quick to express their support. One user commented, “Pulling for you Jax. You’ve got a great family. Your boy is an absolute gem.” Another added, “We’re on your side. Good luck! Also, Bro, go to therapy. You need a couples therapist and one for yourself.” A third fan chimed in, “Britney [sic] is the best woman you will ever have. I hope you figure out what YOU need to do to be a better husband.”

Despite the positive messages, Taylor’s recent actions have added a layer of complexity to the situation. Just hours before his social media update, he had claimed that Cartwright, 35, had been “sleeping with” another person since their breakup in February. This accusation was made in a now-deleted tweet, where he wrote, “you may want to ask brittany who she’s been sleeping with for the past 4 months….”

Taylor and Cartwright have been open about their struggles, both on social media and their joint podcast. Last week, Taylor revealed that they were “open to dating other people,” a statement that has left fans wondering about the future of their relationship. “We are trying to figure out a lot of different things: therapy, separation, and maybe, possibly, dating other people,” Taylor shared. “We are trying to exhaust everything before we have to go down the divorce road — if that would be the case.”

Cartwright has also been candid about the issues that led to their split. In “The Valley” season finale, she described a “toxic” argument that prompted her to leave Taylor. She recounted how Taylor’s frequent nights out and subsequent hangovers made him “mean as a f–king snake.” The breaking point came when she packed up her belongings, took their 3-year-old son Cruz, and left after Taylor screamed at her for hours.

Since their breakup, Cartwright has spoken openly about the challenges in their relationship, including financial disparities and a lack of intimacy. She revealed that they had only been intimate “twice in the past year” before their separation. Meanwhile, Taylor has been linked to model Paige Woolen, a rumor he has denied. “I am not — I repeat not — dating anybody. I was seen out with someone and it was strictly lunch,” he clarified on their podcast.

Taylor emphasized that both he and Cartwright are on the same page about exploring other relationships. “We are both in agreement that this is OK. The most important thing, though, is our son,” he said. He also mentioned that they have established rules for this arrangement, ensuring that both parties are comfortable with the situation.

Despite the rumors and accusations, Taylor remains hopeful about their future. “My wife and I love each other to death and we don’t believe in divorce. We work through it. We don’t believe in separation. We don’t believe in any of that,” he said. However, Cartwright has expressed a different perspective, indicating that divorce is a possibility.

As the couple continues to navigate their separation, Taylor admitted that the status of their marriage remains uncertain. “We’re just trying to figure things out,” he said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. I am definitely working on myself right now. The separation has definitely been good for me, but I do miss her. I miss her a lot. So, I don’t know, we’ll see if she’ll take me back.”

The unfolding drama between Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright has captivated fans, who are eager to see how the couple will resolve their issues. For now, it appears that both are committed to working things out, even if it means exploring unconventional methods to salvage their marriage.

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