Jillian Michaels Trashes Former California Home as ‘Too Crazy’

Jillian Michaels Trashes Former California Home as ‘Too Crazy’

Fitness guru and former “Biggest Loser” star Jillian Michaels recently opened up about her decision to leave California, describing her former home state as “too crazy.” In a candid conversation with Sage Steele on “The Sage Steele Show,” Michaels expressed her frustration with the direction California has taken, prompting her to relocate to Florida.

“California got too crazy for me,” Michaels stated emphatically. Despite her deep roots in the state, she felt compelled to leave. “I grew up here. I’m a woman. I’m a gay woman. My mom’s a Jew. My dad’s an Arab. I have a Black kid. And believe it or not, my son is half Latin, even though he doesn’t look like it. I hold a million cards in your game of woke victimology poker. And when I leave California, maybe you’ve lost your mind. Just maybe!” she exclaimed, highlighting her diverse background and the extreme measures that drove her away.

Michaels criticized several recent policies in California, arguing that while many activities are being decriminalized, the state is failing to implement necessary regulations. “Some of these laws that are passing here are absolutely mind-boggling. In relation to crime, protecting our kids, like, we’re decriminalizing everything, which arguably I would probably be okay with but we’re not regulating any of it,” she explained. She pointed out the inconsistencies in the state’s approach, such as decriminalizing sex work without ensuring the safety and well-being of those involved.

The fitness expert didn’t hold back in her critique of what she sees as the excesses of modern liberalism. “The fact that a 12-year-old child can be put on off-label cancer drugs to irreparably change their body. If my son came to me and said, ‘Mom’ — or my daughter — ‘I think I’m trans,’ I’d say okay, you know, like, you want to dress this way. You want me to call you whatever the heck you want, dress, fine. Explore it. I love you. I’m cool, do you as long as we’re safe, but we’re not changing your body until it’s fully developed. I’m sorry. Conversation’s over. Can’t get a tattoo!” she said, expressing her concerns about the state’s approach to gender identity and medical treatments for minors.

Michaels has previously voiced her discontent with California’s leadership, particularly Governor Gavin Newsom. In a February interview with Bill Maher on his “Club Random” podcast, she criticized the state’s handling of inflation and described living in Florida as “less crazy” compared to California.

Her move to Florida seems to be a reflection of her desire for a more balanced and regulated environment. Michaels’ outspoken nature and willingness to address controversial topics have always been a part of her public persona, and her recent comments are no exception.

Michaels’ departure from California is a significant move for someone who has spent most of her life in the state. Her decision underscores the growing discontent among some residents with the state’s policies and direction. As she settles into her new life in Florida, it remains to be seen how her experiences and perspectives will continue to shape her public commentary and influence.

Michaels’ criticisms of California’s policies and her decision to leave the state highlight the broader debate about the balance between decriminalization and regulation, as well as the role of government in personal and public safety. Her move to Florida, a state with different political and social dynamics, may offer her the environment she seeks, but it also raises questions about the future of California and the impact of its policies on its residents.

As Michaels continues to speak out on these issues, her voice adds to the ongoing conversation about the direction of states like California and the choices individuals make in response to changing political and social landscapes. Her journey from California to Florida is not just a personal decision but a reflection of broader trends and sentiments that are shaping the lives of many Americans today.

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