K-netizens respond to international petition with over 30

K-netizens respond to international petition with over 30

Lee Soo Man’s recent appearance as a keynote speaker at the annual general meeting of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) on May 30 KST has sparked significant media interest. While some reporters focused on his potential return to the entertainment industry with his new agency, A20 Entertainment, and others were curious about his stance on the ongoing feud between ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin and HYBE Labels, another aspect caught the attention of fans and netizens alike.

During the CISAC meeting, Lee Soo Man was spotted wearing one of his “favorite rings” on his right hand. This particular ring, a ‘Chrome Hearts’ piece, is famously known as Lee Soo Man’s version of the “SuperM friendship ring.” The story behind this ring dates back to 2019 when Lee Soo Man formed the super K-Pop group, SuperM. He gifted the seven members with “friendship rings,” and in a light-hearted moment, Taemin asked for the ring Lee Soo Man was wearing. Lee Soo Man obliged, giving Taemin his ring and later purchasing another one with the same design for himself.

The cross-shaped ring, a vertical cross rather than a horizontal one, is well-known among fans as one of Lee Soo Man’s favorite accessories. However, its appearance at the CISAC meeting led many K-netizens to speculate about any hidden meanings behind it. Comments ranged from humorous to critical, with some suggesting that Lee Soo Man might be reveling in the financial success of SuperM, while others wondered if he still harbored ambitions within the industry.

Netizens shared their thoughts, with some saying, “He must be so happy with all the money that went straight to his pocket from SuperM,” and “He really wanted to be the new member of SuperM lol.” Others were more critical, questioning his motives and energy, “What is this old geezer thinking now…” and “Why does he look so energetic..? Like he still has about 10 years left in the tank in this industry..?”

Meanwhile, the ongoing feud between HYBE Labels and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin has taken a new turn with an international petition demanding Min Hee Jin’s resignation. The petition, titled “MIN HEE JIN Leave HYBE Company,” was posted on Change.org, accusing her of spreading misinformation and leading harassment campaigns against groups like BTS, ILLIT, and LE SSERAFIM. The petitioner claimed that Min Hee Jin’s actions were unprofessional and harmful, creating a hostile environment within the company.

The petition’s statement read, “Certain individuals have spread false information about BTS, ILLIT, and LE SSERAFIM through campaigns of harassment.” It further accused Min Hee Jin of paying media and reporters to spread misinformation to devalue NewJeans’ contract. The petitioner urged HYBE to investigate these claims thoroughly and take appropriate action to prevent further harassment and misinformation.

K-netizens were quick to criticize the petition, especially since the court recently ruled in favor of Min Hee Jin’s injunction against HYBE. Comments on theqoo reflected their frustration and disbelief, with some saying, “Why are they like that, who do they think they are,” and “This is going overboard.” Others pointed out the futility of the petition, given the court’s ruling, “The court ruling is over…just shows how smart they are…” and “Such a tiring company…even if I start stanning idols, I’ll never stan anyone from that place.”

The ongoing drama between HYBE and ADOR continues to unfold, with fans and netizens closely watching every development. The international petition has added another layer of complexity to the situation, highlighting the intense emotions and divided opinions within the K-Pop community. As the feud persists, it remains to be seen how HYBE and ADOR will navigate these turbulent waters and what impact it will have on the artists and fans involved.

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