‘Kate Major Calls Estranged Husband Michael Lohan a Psychopath During Police Dispute’

‘Kate Major Calls Estranged Husband Michael Lohan a Psychopath During Police Dispute’

Kate Major and Michael Lohan’s tumultuous relationship has once again made headlines, this time involving a dramatic roadside altercation that ended with police intervention. The incident, which Major shared on Instagram, highlights the ongoing strife between the estranged couple, who have been embroiled in a contentious divorce since 2018.

The video begins with Major, 41, sitting in the front seat of her car in Spring, Texas, while Michael, 64, stands in front of the vehicle, preventing her from driving away. The heated exchange quickly escalates, with Major screaming, “Michael, get out of the road! These poor children. Oh my god, what a psychopath. He’s calling the f–king cops. … You’re out of your f–king mind.”

The situation intensified when Michael waved over a police officer to assist in the conflict. Major, visibly distressed, told the officer that her estranged husband “needs to be 5150’d,” referring to a psychiatric hold. “He’s following me, please,” she pleaded. “He jumped in front of my car. My kids are in the car. I didn’t even get out of the f–king driveway.”

The couple, who married in 2014, have a history of domestic disputes and legal battles. Their relationship has been marred by allegations of abuse, substance misuse, and multiple arrests. Despite filing for divorce in 2018, their separation has yet to be finalized, leaving them in a state of ongoing conflict.

Michael later provided his account of the incident to TMZ, claiming that he had allowed Major to stay in his house while he and their children were out of town. However, he stated that the district attorney had informed Major she needed to vacate the premises by 5:00 p.m. due to an active order of protection against her. Michael alleged that Major stayed an hour past the deadline and took his car without permission.

He further accused Major of drinking and partying during her stay, even going so far as to destroy his security system. “She was supposed to leave by 5 p.m., but she stayed until 6 p.m. and took my car,” Michael told TMZ. “She was drinking with guests she invited over and damaged my security system.”

Both Michael and Major have a history of arrests related to their volatile relationship. In 2015, Major was arrested for allegedly attacking Michael while intoxicated. The couple’s children were temporarily removed from their home after social services obtained footage of a severe argument between the two. Michael has also faced legal issues, including a 2020 arrest for allegedly getting physically abusive with Major.

In response to the recent altercation, Michael posted a series of videos on his Facebook page, accusing Major of being “drunk” and violent. In one video, he can be heard telling Major, “Leave me alone. Your kids are watching TV with me. You’re violent. Go away.” Another video shows Major holding an unidentified weapon and hitting Michael with it. “Kate in a drunken rage attacking me with a poll [sic],” he wrote. “Because I woke her up at 1:30 pm when she was drunk.”

Major has not publicly responded to Michael’s videos. The couple shares two sons, Landon and Logan, and their ongoing disputes have undoubtedly impacted their children. The pair’s marriage, which began in 2014, quickly deteriorated, leading to a series of legal battles and public confrontations.

In addition to their personal struggles, both Michael and Major have faced public scrutiny due to their high-profile relationship. Michael, the father of actress Lindsay Lohan, has been a controversial figure in the media for years. Major, a former entertainment reporter, met Michael through his daughter and quickly became entangled in the Lohan family’s drama.

Their relationship has been characterized by a series of ups and downs, with both parties accusing each other of infidelity, substance abuse, and violence. Despite their attempts to mediate their divorce, the process has been fraught with complications and delays.

The recent altercation in Texas is just the latest chapter in their ongoing saga. As the couple continues to navigate their contentious separation, the impact on their children and their own well-being remains a significant concern. The public nature of their disputes has only added to the complexity of their situation, making it difficult for either party to move forward.

In the end, the story of Kate Major and Michael Lohan serves as a cautionary tale about the challenges of high-profile relationships and the toll they can take on those involved. As they continue to grapple with their differences, the hope is that they can find a way to resolve their issues for the sake of their children and their own peace of mind.

Source: TMZ, Instagram, Getty Images

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