Katie Holmes 45 Looks Classic with Bright Red Lip in NYC

Katie Holmes 45 Looks Classic with Bright Red Lip in NYC

Katie Holmes, the ever-stylish actress known for her role in “Dawson’s Creek,” was spotted in New York City on Tuesday, turning heads with her classic yet bold look. At 45, Holmes continues to impress with her fashion choices, and this time, she opted for a nautical navy blue knit dress by ME+EM. The sleeveless dress highlighted her toned arms and fit physique as she walked down the sidewalk, her cellphone pressed to her ear.

The dress featured white detailing on the skirt and neck, perfectly matching her white ballet flats. However, it was her bright red lip that truly stole the show, adding a vibrant pop of color to her ensemble. Holmes’ long, brunette hair flowed down to her waist in straight strands, and she accentuated her eyes with shimmery shadows, completing her chic look.

Holmes appeared to be in high spirits, smiling as she chatted on her iPhone. The actress, who is also a mother to 18-year-old Suri Cruise, has been contemplating her next career moves as her daughter prepares to head off to college. In a recent interview with the Sunday Times, Holmes expressed her desire to launch her own beauty line. “Absolutely, I would love to,” she said when asked about her future plans in cosmetics.

In recent years, Holmes has focused on filmmaking and stage performances. She wrote, starred in, and directed the 2022 romantic drama “Alone Together,” which tells the story of a couple in a troubled relationship who end up at the same vacation rental in upstate New York. Following that project, she co-wrote, directed, and starred in the 2023 film “Rare Objects,” about a young woman recovering from trauma who finds confidence through a job in an antique shop.

Holmes has expressed a desire to continue writing and directing her own films, and she even hinted at the possibility of writing fiction books. In 2023, she returned to the stage, starring in “The Wanderers,” further showcasing her versatility as an actress and director.

Holmes’ daughter, Suri, whom she shares with ex-husband Tom Cruise, recently hinted on TikTok that she would be attending Carnegie Mellon University in the fall. The actress has revealed that her daughter often borrows her clothes, a testament to their close relationship and shared sense of style. This generational fashion exchange could be one reason Holmes was invited to create her own collection with the French brand A.P.C.

Holmes’ style is influenced by her life in New York City, where practicality and comfort are key. She often mixes and matches classic pieces, incorporating vintage items into her wardrobe. “I like to mix and match classic pieces. I like vintage a lot. Living in New York City, I have to have things that are practical and comfortable,” she said. Her go-to items include ballet flats, sneakers, baggy jeans, and T-shirts, which she styles in a way that appears effortlessly put together.

For her A.P.C. collection, Holmes drew inspiration from the 90s, aiming to create pieces that are cool yet unrecognizable, seamlessly fitting into existing wardrobes. “I remember the 90s as being about looking really simple and very natural. That’s what I wanted this collection to embody,” she explained.

Holmes’ innate sense of style has been evident since her teenage years. She has always been mindful of how she is portrayed, often bringing a friend to photoshoots to ensure she wasn’t sexualized. “I didn’t want to be the sexy young thing. I am not sexy,” she told Glamour. This commitment to authenticity has been a consistent theme throughout her career.

On Tuesday, Holmes once again demonstrated her impeccable style as she strolled through New York City’s Soho. She wore a stylish navy blue suit, complete with a structured double-breasted blazer and matching flared trousers. The actress went shirtless under the jacket, accessorizing with a simple gold chain, exuding confidence and elegance.

Holmes’ timeless beauty and fashion sense continue to captivate fans and photographers alike. Her ability to effortlessly blend classic and contemporary styles makes her a true fashion icon. As she embarks on new ventures, including a potential beauty line and more film projects, Holmes remains a prominent figure in both the entertainment and fashion industries.

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