Luke Newton and Antonia Roumelioti Amid Nicola Coughlan Rumors

Luke Newton and Antonia Roumelioti Amid Nicola Coughlan Rumors

Luke Newton and Antonia Roumelioti Amid Nicola Coughlan Rumors

Luke Newton, the beloved star of Bridgerton, has been spotted with dancer Antonia Roumelioti, putting an end to rumors about his relationship status. The 31-year-old actor was seen holding hands with Roumelioti after the midseason premiere of the Netflix series in London on June 12. The couple left the afterparty at 180 Strand together, with Roumelioti dazzling in a backless, aqua dress and Newton looking sharp in black dress pants and a yellow button-down shirt over a white tank top.

This public appearance marks the first time Newton and Roumelioti have been photographed together, although speculation about their relationship began after the Bridgerton premiere in New York City in May. Roumelioti had posted mirror selfies on Instagram, tagging Manhattan as the location, just days after the event, leading fans to believe she was with Newton that night. However, she was not officially photographed at the time.

The confirmation of Newton’s romance with Roumelioti comes amid ongoing fan theories that he is dating his Bridgerton co-star, Nicola Coughlan. Despite their undeniable on-screen chemistry as Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington, sources close to the actors have confirmed that they are just friends. The two have been described as supportive co-stars who share a strong bond but are not romantically involved.

Newton’s relationship with Roumelioti has been a topic of interest for fans, especially given the recent headlines about other Bridgerton stars’ love lives. Phoebe Dynevor, who played Daphne Bridgerton, recently got engaged to Cameron Fuller. The couple made their relationship public at the 2024 Met Gala, where Dynevor showcased her engagement ring.

Nicola Coughlan, meanwhile, has shown her support for Newton amid the rumors. On June 14, she praised him in an Instagram Story, calling him a “true gentleman,” “the kindest friend,” and a “dream co-star.” Her heartfelt message came after Newton posted red carpet photos celebrating the last five years of Bridgerton. Coughlan’s post seemed to address the backlash Newton faced from some fans who were disappointed that he was not dating her in real life.

Newton and Roumelioti’s relationship has been under the spotlight since they were first seen together in April. Despite keeping their romance private, the couple has been growing closer. Roumelioti, a trained dancer in her early 20s, has a background in performing arts and has competed on Greece’s Got Talent. She has also been seen supporting Newton at various events, including the Bridgerton New York City premiere after-party, where she was filmed hugging Coughlan.

Fans have been quick to notice the chemistry between Newton and Roumelioti, with many speculating about their relationship status. Roumelioti’s Instagram posts from New York, where she shared photos of herself around the same time as the Bridgerton premiere, added fuel to the dating rumors. The couple’s recent public appearance in London has now confirmed their romance, much to the delight of their supporters.

As Bridgerton season 3 continues to stream on Netflix, fans are eager to see how the relationships on and off-screen evolve. While the chemistry between Newton and Coughlan remains a fan favorite, it is clear that Newton has found happiness with Roumelioti. The couple’s growing bond and public appearances suggest that they are enjoying their time together, despite the intense scrutiny from fans and the media.

In the world of Bridgerton, where romance and drama are always at the forefront, the real-life relationships of the cast members continue to captivate audiences. Luke Newton and Antonia Roumelioti’s budding romance is just one of the many stories that keep fans engaged and invested in the lives of their favorite stars.

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