Kendall Jenner Knew ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner’s Choice After Seeing His Phone

Kendall Jenner Knew ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner’s Choice After Seeing His Phone

Kendall Jenner had an unexpected revelation about Gerry Turner’s choice on “The Golden Bachelor” after a casual dinner at Kris Jenner’s house. The incident, which was teased in a recent episode of “The Kardashians,” has now been fully unveiled.

Gerry Turner, the star of “The Golden Bachelor,” was invited over to Kris Jenner’s home for dinner early in the season. Kendall, a known fan of the show, was thrilled to meet him. However, during the dinner, she noticed something on Gerry’s phone that she wasn’t supposed to see. This moment was captured in a teaser for “The Kardashians,” and now, the details have come to light.

Gerry revealed to TMZ that Kris had invited him over because Kendall was a big fan. During the dinner, Kris and Kendall took Gerry’s phone to call his daughter Angie, who is also a fan of the Kardashians. It was during this moment that Kendall saw a saved contact on Gerry’s phone: a photo, name, and number for Theresa Nist, the woman Gerry eventually proposed to on the show.

This revelation came early in the season, but Kris and Kendall kept the secret to themselves, not revealing Gerry’s choice until the finale aired. Gerry mentioned that within five minutes of meeting Kris and Kendall, the secret was out. However, he praised the Jenners for being inclusive, gracious, and warm during the dinner, which included watching an episode of “The Golden Bachelor” in Kris’ theater room.

Despite the early reveal, Gerry and Theresa’s relationship did not last. They tied the knot but announced their split just three months later. Gerry explained on “Good Morning America” that they had several heart-to-heart conversations and mutually decided to dissolve their marriage due to their living situations and other factors.

Kendall’s accidental discovery on Gerry’s phone added an interesting twist to the season. She had seen something that gave away the ending, but she managed to keep it a secret until the show aired. This incident highlights the unexpected intersections between reality TV worlds and how even casual interactions can lead to significant revelations.

The dinner at Kris Jenner’s house was not just about meeting Gerry. Kendall’s boyfriend, Bad Bunny, was also present. Gerry described the evening as “pretty cool,” noting that Bad Bunny introduced himself as Benito and kept a low profile initially. It wasn’t until later that he revealed his identity as Bad Bunny, mentioning his recent appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

This crossover between “The Kardashians” and “The Golden Bachelor” provided fans with a unique and entertaining moment. Kendall’s excitement about meeting Gerry and her accidental discovery on his phone added a layer of intrigue to both shows. The incident also showcased the genuine interactions and connections that can occur between celebrities and reality TV stars.

Kendall’s love for the Bachelor franchise is well-known. She has previously expressed her enthusiasm for the shows and even hosted a Bachelor-themed dinner party. Her excitement about “The Golden Bachelor” was evident during the May 23 episode of “The Kardashians,” where she gushed about the show’s premiere to her mom.

The dinner at Kris Jenner’s house and Kendall’s accidental discovery on Gerry’s phone created a memorable moment for fans of both shows. It highlighted the unexpected connections and revelations that can occur in the world of reality TV. Despite the eventual breakup of Gerry and Theresa, the incident added an interesting twist to the season and showcased the genuine interactions between the Jenners and Gerry Turner.

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