Kerry Katona denies Giovanni Pernice allegations

Kerry Katona denies Giovanni Pernice allegations

Kerry Katona has firmly denied allegations against Giovanni Pernice, the professional dancer from Strictly Come Dancing, amidst a storm of controversy. Pernice, who has been a staple on the BBC show for nearly a decade, has recently faced accusations from former dance partners about his intense training methods and alleged misconduct.

The drama began when Amanda Abbington, who partnered with Giovanni in the 2023 series, abruptly left the show citing medical reasons. Later, she revealed that her time on the show had left her with post-traumatic stress disorder, and she described Giovanni’s training style as abrasive and bullying. Amanda’s claims were further supported by other former partners, including Laura Whitmore and Ranvir Singh, who also expressed discomfort with Giovanni’s demanding approach.

Despite these allegations, Giovanni has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. In a statement on Instagram, he addressed his fans, expressing his shock at the accusations and firmly rejecting any suggestion of abusive or threatening behavior. He emphasized his passion for dance and his commitment to helping his partners achieve their best, insisting that his methods come from a place of love and a desire to win.

Kerry Katona, who has experience in the world of competitive dance through her participation in Dancing on Ice, has weighed in on the situation. In her column, she expressed her skepticism about the allegations, stating, “I don’t think it’s right.” She acknowledged the importance of taking one’s job seriously but stressed that kindness and respect are crucial in motivating people to perform better.

The BBC has launched an investigation into the claims against Giovanni, with reports suggesting that three of his former partners have instructed lawyers. The corporation is said to be gathering evidence, and Giovanni’s name was notably absent from an internal memo listing the professional dancers for the upcoming series. This has fueled speculation that he may have quit the show.

In response to the ongoing controversy, the BBC released a statement urging people not to indulge in speculation and emphasizing their commitment to confidentiality and fair process. They assured that any complaints would be assessed with care, fairness, and sensitivity to all parties involved.

Giovanni’s departure from Strictly Come Dancing has left fans devastated. The Italian dancer has been a beloved figure on the show, known for his passionate performances and competitive spirit. His exit marks the end of an era for the popular dance competition.

As the investigation continues, Giovanni remains determined to clear his name. He has received support from some quarters, including former Strictly star Jamie Laing, who liked Giovanni’s Instagram statement. Laing’s gesture indicates solidarity with his friend amidst the scrutiny.

The situation has sparked a broader conversation about the pressures and challenges faced by professional dancers and their celebrity partners on shows like Strictly Come Dancing. While the allegations against Giovanni are serious, they also highlight the intense environment of competitive dance and the fine line between pushing for excellence and crossing into inappropriate behavior.

For now, the future of Giovanni Pernice on Strictly Come Dancing remains uncertain. As the investigation unfolds, fans and the public will be watching closely to see how the situation develops and whether Giovanni can successfully defend his reputation.

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