Meghan Markle would become Princess Henry if stripped of royal title expert says

Meghan Markle would become Princess Henry if stripped of royal title expert says

Meghan Markle would be known as Princess Henry if she were to lose her title as the Duchess of Sussex, according to a royal expert. This revelation comes amidst ongoing speculation about the future of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal titles. Despite stepping back from their royal duties in 2020, the couple has retained their titles, but discussions about potentially stripping them of these honors have persisted.

Kinsey Schofield, host of the “To Di for Daily” podcast, explained that removing the Duke and Duchess titles from Harry and Meghan would not be a straightforward process. “A lot of us feel like Harry and Meghan take advantage of their titles and would like to see them stripped of them, but that’s not a conversation that has happened between King Charles and Prince William in years,” Schofield told Fox News Digital.

If the titles were removed, Meghan would be known as Princess Henry, a title derived from her husband’s birth name, Prince Henry Charles Albert David. This is because the prince title is Harry’s birthright and cannot be taken away without an act of Parliament, which is not a priority at this time. Schofield noted that the prince and princess titles might even be more marketable in the United States.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, echoed this sentiment, stating that it is unlikely the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be stripped of their titles. “I don’t think anything will happen to the titles because, if they lose their titles, Harry is still a prince of the blood, and Meghan instead of being the Duchess of Sussex, [would] be Princess Henry,” Seward said. She added that such a move would likely confuse Americans and appear unkind and unnecessary.

Meghan Markle, a former American actress, became the Duchess of Sussex when she married Prince Harry in 2018. The couple, who now reside in California with their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, have faced ongoing scrutiny and criticism for their use of royal titles while living a life separate from royal duties.

Royal author Tom Quinn recently claimed that King Charles and Prince William have had lengthy discussions about stripping Harry and Meghan of their titles. However, he believes they are hesitant to make such a move, fearing it could backfire and worsen the situation. “The last thing they want is to give the renegade royals something else to complain about,” Quinn told the Mirror.

Christopher Andersen, author of “The King,” also weighed in, stating that it is unlikely the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will lose their titles anytime soon. “Long ago Queen Elizabeth made it clear that Harry and Meghan would keep their titles but not be addressed using the HRH honorific – the same punishment that was meted out to Princess Diana after her divorce from Charles,” Andersen explained. He added that there is no reason for King Charles and Prince William to consider stripping Harry and Meghan of their titles entirely.

The couple’s occupations on their son Prince Archie’s U.K. birth certificate were listed as “Prince” and “Princess of the United Kingdom,” although Meghan does not have a princess title. The couple’s occupations were not listed on their daughter Princess Lilibet’s California birth certificate.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told Fox News Digital that the decision to remove the couple’s titles would go to Parliament, not the king. “There is no chance of this,” he insisted. “This would allow Harry and Meghan to cast themselves as wronged victims… It would make ending the royal rift, which is desirable however long it takes, impossible. The king would never begin such a process.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped back as senior royals in 2020 and have since detailed their rocky relationship with the royal family in various media projects, including Harry’s memoir “Spare.” The couple’s revelations have strained their relationships with other members of the royal family, including Prince William.

Despite the ongoing speculation and discussions, several royal experts believe that King Charles and Prince William are unlikely to strip Harry and Meghan of their titles. The focus for the royal family remains on their duties and personal health battles, rather than on the controversies surrounding the Sussexes.

In Montecito, Meghan and Harry continue to build their lives and careers, with Meghan reportedly considering new ventures, including a lifestyle brand and original Netflix series. As they navigate their post-royal lives, the question of their titles remains a topic of interest and debate.

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