Laurel And Hardy’s ‘The Music Box’ To Get Sign At Silver Lake Steps Intersection

Laurel And Hardy’s ‘The Music Box’ To Get Sign At Silver Lake Steps Intersection

An intersection in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, has been officially recognized for its historical significance tied to the 1932 film “The Music Box,” starring the iconic comedic duo Laurel and Hardy. The Los Angeles City Council recently voted unanimously to name the intersection of Vendome Street and Del Monte Drive as the “1932 site of ‘The Music Box’ starring Laurel and Hardy.” This decision honors the location where Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy filmed their Academy Award-winning short comedy, which features the now-famous Music Box Steps.

The Music Box Steps, a 133-step staircase, are nestled in the residential neighborhood of Silver Lake. These steps have become a beloved landmark, attracting fans from around the globe who wish to relive the comedic struggles of Laurel and Hardy as they attempted to deliver a piano to a house at the top of the steep staircase. The steps remain intact and continue to be a significant part of Los Angeles’ cultural and cinematic history.

Los Angeles City Councilman Hugo Soto-Martínez expressed pride in recognizing this landmark, stating, “Silver Lake is home to so many historic outdoor staircases, contributing to the rich cultural fabric of our community. We are proud to recognize this small but mighty landmark in the history of our city’s most important industry.” The Music Box Steps are already marked with a plaque erected by the Hollywood Heritage Museum, The Society of Operating Cameramen, and The Silver Lake Improvement Association. The city of Los Angeles now joins these organizations in commemorating this historic site with a permanent sign.

City Councilwoman Nithya Raman also shared her delight in the renaming, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the city’s movie history and its unique outdoor staircases. The Society of Camera Operators, which co-sponsored the original plaque in 1992, has shown strong support for the city’s dedication to this location. Michael Frediani, the historical chair of the organization, highlighted the goal of shining a spotlight on as many iconic film locations as possible.

In addition to the new sign, the Silver Lake Improvement Association will host its annual Music Box Steps Day Festival at Laurel and Hardy Park, located across the street from the Music Box Steps. Vincent Brook, a board member of the association and founder of the festival, expressed excitement about the city’s official recognition. He noted that the festival, now in its 29th year, honors the legendary comedy team, their Oscar-winning film, and the world-renowned film site. Brook emphasized that the festival serves as a reminder to the community and the city at large of this historic jewel.

The Music Box Steps have become a cherished part of Silver Lake’s identity, drawing visitors who appreciate both the comedic history and the architectural charm of the staircase. The steps are flanked by residences, creating a picturesque setting that contrasts with the bustling city life just a few blocks away. The annual festival and the new sign will further cement the steps’ place in Los Angeles’ rich cultural tapestry.

As fans and locals alike continue to visit the Music Box Steps, the new sign will serve as a lasting tribute to Laurel and Hardy’s enduring legacy. The intersection of Vendome Street and Del Monte Drive will now be forever linked to the comedic brilliance of “The Music Box,” ensuring that future generations can appreciate the historical significance of this iconic film location.

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