Lilith The Sharks Death Toll In Under Paris

Lilith The Sharks Death Toll In Under Paris

Lilith The Sharks Death Toll In Under Paris

In the opening scene of “Under Paris,” four divers meet a grim fate, setting the stage for a high death toll throughout the film. The movie, directed and co-written by Xavier Gens, has become a sleeper hit on Netflix, drawing comparisons to Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” for its terrifying portrayal of sharks. Although “Under Paris” has a Rotten Tomatoes critics’ score of 62%, it doesn’t quite reach the cultural impact of “Jaws.”

However, “Under Paris” is a notable addition to the creature feature sub-genre, blending real science with fantasy horror. This realism makes the shark attacks particularly unsettling. As the movie progresses, the death toll continues to rise, adding to the suspense and horror that make it an engaging watch.

The film doesn’t explicitly state the total number of deaths caused by the shark attacks, but it provides enough clues to estimate the overall kill count. In the catacombs sequence alone, over 10 people perish as chaos erupts and the sharks wreak havoc underground. The final segment likely sees more than 50 people losing their lives, pushing the total death toll to over 100.

In the movie’s opening arc, four divers go underwater to search for Lilith, only to be killed by the shark. Later, an activist named Mika and some locals venture into Paris’ catacombs, hoping to guide Lilith back to the ocean using SONAR. However, Lilith, accompanied by a baby shark, attacks Mika, leading to further chaos and multiple deaths.

Although the movie doesn’t reveal the exact number of casualties after the flooding, it’s reasonable to assume that the event claims at least 50 more lives. This brings the overall kill count to over 100, making Lilith and her shark army responsible for a significant number of deaths.

In the final arc, Adil and Sophia assemble a team of six to venture underwater and destroy Lilith’s nest using explosives. Unfortunately, four police officers from their team don’t make it out alive. Lilith then heads towards the Seine River’s swimming event, where she seemingly kills close to 20 individuals.

When the military attempts to shoot down Lilith, they inadvertently trigger underwater World War II shells, causing massive explosions. This results in the flooding of almost the entire city, giving Lilith and her shark army more room to move around. The movie doesn’t specify the number of deaths following the flooding, but it’s fair to assume that the event takes at least 50 more lives, pushing the overall kill count beyond 100.

Comparing “Under Paris” to other shark horror movies, “Jaws” is the only film that keeps the kill count relatively realistic. However, “Under Paris” stands out for its creative blend of science and fantasy horror, making it a commendable addition to the genre.

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