Anda Welcomes Her First Child

Anda Welcomes Her First Child

Anda has joyfully welcomed her first child. On June 11, the singer shared the heartwarming news on Instagram, revealing the details of her newborn’s arrival. In a touching post, Anda announced that her baby boy was born on June 4 at 2:06 AM. She expressed immense gratitude for the safe arrival of her son, describing him as a ‘strong little one’ who has now begun his journey on Earth.

After enduring 15 hours of labor, Anda and her family were overjoyed to finally meet their precious addition. She wrote in the caption, “2024.06.04 2:06AM. 3.28kg (7.231lbs) 39 weeks 1 day. Our strong little one has arrived on Earth! After 15 hours of labor pain, we finally met our son. Thank you so much for being born healthy. Let’s live well together from now on.”

This momentous occasion follows closely on the heels of another significant milestone in Anda’s life. In May, the singer announced her marriage and impending motherhood, delighting her fans with the news of her growing family. Since her departure from YG Entertainment subsidiary YGX in December of 2021, Anda has kept a relatively low profile, focusing on her personal life and preparing for the arrival of her baby.

The birth of Anda’s first child is a joyful event that marks an important step in her life. We wish her and her family health and happiness, and we can’t wait to hear more of her news in the future.

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