Jaejoong reveals Korean variety shows pay 9 times more for appearances than Japanese shows

Jaejoong reveals Korean variety shows pay 9 times more for appearances than Japanese shows

Singer Kim Jaejoong recently made a striking revelation on a Japanese variety show, shedding light on the stark differences in appearance fees between Korean and Japanese entertainment industries. During the show, a Japanese participant inquired about the disparity in earnings for appearances on variety shows in the two countries. Jaejoong, who has been active in both Japan and Korea since his days with the boy band TVXQ, responded candidly.

“The cost of producing a show is different, and there is also a difference in staff wages. It’s higher in Korea,” Jaejoong explained. He went on to elaborate, “Whether it’s movies, variety shows, or commercials, all appearance fees are higher in Korea. Overall, it’s about nine times higher than in Japan.”

His statement left the Japanese participants in the studio visibly shocked. One of them humorously remarked, “Is everyone here going to quit?” This comment elicited laughter from the audience, highlighting the surprise and amusement at the significant pay gap.

Jaejoong’s revelation has sparked a lively discussion on Korean online forums. Users on “the qoo” expressed a range of reactions, from disbelief to curiosity. Some questioned, “Do Japanese artists still receive monthly salaries?” while others pondered, “Is Korea paying too much, or is Japan paying too little?” The disparity in earnings has led to speculation about the financial arrangements in the Japanese entertainment industry, with some wondering if management companies take a significant portion of the artists’ earnings.

Many netizens were taken aback by the revelation. Comments like “I thought Japan would give more,” and “Since Japan makes everything, I thought they would give a lot,” reflected the general surprise. Others were curious about the income differences for staff members, asking, “Even the staff’s income varies?” and “Is Japan’s really this low?”

Some users offered their perspectives on the economic context. One netizen suggested, “Japan’s economy is low-growth, so even the monthly salaries of ordinary people are low, right?” Another speculated, “Is it because Korea pays too high, so once athletes taste the flavor of variety shows, they can’t go back to the sports field?” The discussion also touched on the financial success of Korean celebrities, with comments like “So our country’s celebrities even buy houses in cash” and “So I heard that Japanese artists work like cows.”

Meanwhile, Jaejoong’s professional success continues to soar. According to the latest chart announced by Japan’s Oricon on the 2nd of November, his new album “Love Covers III,” which was officially released in Japan on the 1st, topped the daily album ranking. This achievement underscores his enduring popularity and success in the Japanese market, despite the lower appearance fees.

The clip from the variety show has not only sparked discussions among fans but also highlighted the broader economic and cultural differences between the Korean and Japanese entertainment industries. Jaejoong’s candid remarks have provided a rare glimpse into the financial dynamics of these two vibrant entertainment markets, prompting both fans and industry insiders to reflect on the factors contributing to these disparities.

As the conversation continues, it remains to be seen whether this revelation will lead to any changes in the Japanese entertainment industry. For now, Jaejoong’s comments have certainly ignited a debate that goes beyond mere curiosity, touching on deeper issues of economic disparity and industry practices.

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