Marvel Comics Releasing This Week June 12 2024

Marvel Comics Releasing This Week June 12 2024

Marvel Comics is set to release an exciting array of new issues this week, June 12, 2024. Fans of the Marvel Universe can look forward to a diverse selection of 81 new comics hitting the shelves. This week’s releases promise to deliver thrilling storylines, captivating artwork, and a few surprises that are sure to delight both long-time readers and newcomers alike.

Among the highly anticipated releases, several variant covers and reprints will be available, offering collectors and enthusiasts a chance to own unique editions of their favorite titles. The Marvel Universe continues to expand, with new adventures featuring beloved characters and fresh faces making their debut.

In addition to Marvel’s impressive lineup, other major publishers are also releasing new issues this week. DC Comics, with 34 new issues, continues to bring the adventures of iconic heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to life. Image Comics, also with 34 new issues, offers a mix of original stories and ongoing series that push the boundaries of the comic book medium.

Dynamite Entertainment is releasing 25 new issues, featuring a blend of classic characters and modern tales. BOOM! Studios, with 12 new issues, continues to deliver innovative and diverse stories that appeal to a wide range of readers. Dark Horse Comics, also with 12 new issues, brings its unique brand of storytelling to the forefront with a mix of horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

IDW Publishing, with 12 new issues, offers a variety of titles that include beloved franchises and original creations. Massive, another publisher with 12 new issues, continues to make its mark with compelling narratives and striking artwork. Kodansha Comics, with 9 new issues, brings the best of Japanese manga to Western audiences, while Seven Seas, also with 9 new issues, offers a diverse selection of manga and light novels.

Viz Media, with 9 new issues, remains a powerhouse in the manga industry, delivering popular series and new titles to eager fans. Valiant, with 8 new issues, continues to build its shared universe with stories that blend superhero action and deep character development. Penthouse, with 7 new issues, offers a different kind of storytelling, catering to a more mature audience.

Titan Books, with 7 new issues, brings a mix of licensed properties and original stories to the table. Blood Moon Comics, with 6 new issues, continues to carve out its niche with horror and supernatural tales. Oni Press, also with 6 new issues, offers a variety of genres and styles, appealing to a broad audience.

One Peace Books, with 5 new issues, brings a selection of manga and graphic novels to readers. Aloha Comics, with 4 new issues, offers a unique blend of stories that reflect its diverse influences. Zenescope, also with 4 new issues, continues to deliver its signature blend of dark fantasy and horror.

Ablaze, with 3 new issues, offers a mix of international and original titles. Antarctic Press, also with 3 new issues, brings a variety of genres and styles to the table. Archie Comics, with 3 new issues, continues to deliver the adventures of its beloved characters in Riverdale. Artists, Writers & Artisans, with 3 new issues, offers a range of stories from some of the industry’s top talent.

This week’s releases from Marvel Comics and other publishers promise to provide something for every comic book fan. Whether you’re a fan of superheroes, horror, fantasy, or manga, there’s sure to be a title that captures your interest. So, head to your local comic book store or favorite online retailer and dive into the latest adventures from the world of comics.

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