Max Cavalera Open To Reunion Of Sepultura’s Classic Lineup As Long As We Do It The Right Way

Max Cavalera Open To Reunion Of Sepultura’s Classic Lineup As Long As We Do It The Right Way

In a recent conversation with Sakis Fragos, the publisher and chief editor of Rock Hard Greece, Max Cavalera, the founding guitarist and vocalist of SEPULTURA, discussed the possibility of reuniting with the band’s classic lineup. When asked if he had been approached by the current members of SEPULTURA to participate in their final concert, Cavalera revealed that he had not been contacted. He mentioned that Andreas Kisser, the band’s guitarist, had previously commented that inviting Max and his brother Igor might “spoil the party,” a remark Cavalera found typical of Kisser.

Max expressed a laid-back attitude towards the idea of a reunion, stating that he would let things unfold naturally. He emphasized that any potential reunion would need to be done correctly, with honesty and integrity, much like the re-recordings he and Igor have been working on under the CAVALERA name. For now, Max is not focused on a reunion, as he is deeply involved in his current projects and cannot imagine life without playing music.

SEPULTURA, a name synonymous with groove and thrash metal, has a storied history filled with both triumphs and internal conflicts. The band’s most commercially successful period coincided with Max Cavalera’s tenure, during which albums like “Roots” and “Chaos A.D.” became iconic, achieving gold certification in the US. However, internal tensions led to Max’s departure in 1996, and while the band continued with new vocalist Derrick Green, the impact of Max’s exit was significant. Igor Cavalera left the band in 2006 and later reunited with Max in CAVALERA CONSPIRACY.

Despite the changes, SEPULTURA’s legacy remains strong. Max and Igor have spent recent years celebrating the anniversaries of landmark albums like “Roots,” “Beneath The Remains,” and “Arise” with tours that have reignited the passion of longtime fans. Meanwhile, the current lineup, featuring Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green, Paulo Jr., and touring drummer Greyson Nekrutman, continues to push the band’s legacy forward.

In December 2023, SEPULTURA announced a global “farewell tour” to mark their 40th anniversary, offering fans one last chance to experience their electrifying live performances. While “Roots” and “Chaos A.D.” stand as commercial milestones, SEPULTURA’s influence extends far beyond sales figures. The band was a pioneer in blending world music and indigenous Brazilian sounds with their aggressive metal style, inspiring countless bands and building a global fan base.

Max Cavalera’s openness to a reunion, provided it is done the right way, offers a glimmer of hope for fans yearning to see the classic lineup together again. However, for now, Max remains focused on his current projects, including SOULFLY, GO AHEAD AND DIE, and KILLER BE KILLED, as well as his collaborations with Igor. The legacy of SEPULTURA, whether through the groundbreaking work of the Cavalera brothers or the continued evolution under Derrick Green, remains a testament to their enduring impact on heavy metal.

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