Olivia Holt and Mason Gooding to Star in Spyglass’ Heart Eyes

Olivia Holt and Mason Gooding to Star in Spyglass’ Heart Eyes

Olivia Holt and Mason Gooding are set to headline Spyglass’ latest horror romantic comedy, “Heart Eyes,” which has begun filming in New Zealand. The film, directed by Josh Ruben, promises to blend the thrills of a slasher with the charm of a rom-com, creating a unique cinematic experience.

“Heart Eyes” follows the story of two co-workers in Seattle who, while working overtime on Valentine’s Day, are mistaken for a couple by the Heart Eyes Killer. This elusive murderer targets couples, forcing the pair to spend the most romantic night of the year running for their lives. The film’s plot promises a mix of suspense, humor, and romance, making it a standout in the horror-comedy genre.

Josh Ruben, known for his work on “Werewolves Within” and “Scare Me,” will direct the film from a screenplay by Phillip Murphy, Christopher Landon, and Michael Kennedy. Landon, who has previously worked on “Happy Death Day” and “Freaky,” brings his expertise in blending horror and comedy to the project. Producers include Landon, Greg Gilreath, and Adam Hendricks, with Gary Barber and Chris Stone serving as executive producers.

Ruben expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “My love of horror is rivaled only by my love of romantic comedies. I’m excited as hell to mount my most challenging genre bender to date: a brutal slasher in a nostalgic rom-com universe.”

Olivia Holt, known for her roles in “Cruel Summer” and “Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger,” will bring her talent to the lead role. Holt has also starred in the horror comedy “Totally Killer” and made her Broadway debut in “Chicago.” She is represented by WME and Entertainment 360.

Mason Gooding, who gained fame for his role as Chad Meeks-Martin in the “Scream” franchise, will co-star alongside Holt. Gooding’s previous work includes “Booksmart” and the upcoming disaster comedy “Y2K.” He is represented by CAA and Sugar23.

Spyglass Media Group has been building a strong portfolio of horror films, including the recent “Scream” installments and the upcoming “Thanksgiving.” “Heart Eyes” is expected to continue this trend, offering a fresh take on the horror-comedy genre.

The film’s production team includes a mix of experienced filmmakers and producers. Phillip Murphy, known for “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard,” co-wrote the screenplay with Christopher Landon and Michael Kennedy. Landon and Kennedy have previously collaborated on “Freaky,” a film that successfully blended horror and comedy elements.

“Heart Eyes” promises to be a thrilling addition to Spyglass’ lineup, combining the suspense of a slasher film with the lightheartedness of a romantic comedy. With a talented cast and crew, the film is poised to capture the attention of both horror and rom-com fans.

As the film begins production in New Zealand, fans eagerly await more updates on this exciting project. Olivia Holt and Mason Gooding’s involvement adds star power to the film, and Josh Ruben’s direction ensures a unique and entertaining experience.

Spyglass’ commitment to producing innovative horror films is evident in their recent projects, and “Heart Eyes” is no exception. The film’s blend of genres and talented cast make it one of the most anticipated releases in the coming year.

Stay tuned for more updates on “Heart Eyes” as production continues and the film moves closer to its release date. With its unique premise and talented team, “Heart Eyes” is set to be a standout film in the horror-comedy genre.

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