Ride Or Die Reaches $105M Global Box Office Debut

Ride Or Die Reaches $105M Global Box Office Debut

Sony’s latest blockbuster, “Ride Or Die,” has made a spectacular entrance at the global box office, raking in an impressive $105 million in its debut weekend. This figure includes a robust $48.6 million from international markets, showcasing the film’s widespread appeal and strong performance across the globe.

The film, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, has managed to surpass expectations, providing a much-needed boost to the summer box office. Although its international debut slightly trails behind the 2020 release “Bad Boys for Life,” which earned $50.3 million in comparable markets, “Ride Or Die” has still managed to make a significant impact.

Europe played a crucial role in the film’s success, contributing $19.3 million to the total international earnings. The movie set new records for the “Bad Boys” franchise in Latin America and the Middle East, with $10 million and $9.5 million, respectively. The UK led the charge with $4.9 million, followed by Mexico with $4.2 million, Germany with $3.7 million, and Saudi Arabia, which also brought in $3.7 million. France rounded out the top five with $3.1 million.

In the IMAX format, “Ride Or Die” generated $8.2 million globally, with $3 million coming from international markets. This strong performance in premium formats further underscores the film’s broad appeal and the audience’s eagerness to experience it on the big screen.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros’ “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” continued its run, adding another $13.7 million from 78 markets, bringing its international total to $85.7 million and its global tally to $144.4 million. In China, the film debuted with an estimated $3.6 million, ranking as the second-highest U.S. title behind “The Garfield Movie.” The IMAX format accounted for a significant 34% of the opening weekend earnings in China, amounting to $1.2 million.

Sony/Alcon’s “The Garfield Movie” also performed well, adding $15.3 million from 61 markets, including $5.2 million from China. The film’s total international earnings now stand at $124.1 million, with a global total of $192.7 million. The top markets for “The Garfield Movie” include Mexico, the UK, Germany, Brazil, and Spain.

20th Century/Disney’s “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” added $6.9 million from 52 markets, bringing its international total to $210 million and its global total to $359.8 million. The film has become the highest-grossing entry in the franchise in several markets, including India, Mexico, Poland, and Indonesia.

Paramount’s “IF” added another $6.2 million from 65 markets, bringing its international total to $67.2 million and its global total to $160.7 million. The film’s top markets include the UK, Mexico, France, Australia, and Germany.

In China, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday saw Enlight’s “Walk the Line” leading the box office with approximately $12 million, followed by Maoyan’s “Be My Friend” with $11 million. Next weekend’s major global release is Disney/Pixar’s highly anticipated “Inside Out 2.”

Other notable performances include Warner Bros’ “The Watchers,” which earned $4.7 million from 65 markets, and Universal’s “The Fall Guy,” which added $1.6 million from 81 markets. Sony’s “Tarot” earned $1 million from 54 markets, while Universal’s “Kung Fu Panda 4” added $655,000 from 82 markets. Universal’s “Back to Black” earned $223,000 from 42 markets.

Overall, the global box office continues to see strong performances from a variety of films, with “Ride Or Die” leading the charge and setting the stage for a successful summer season.

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