Brittany Cartwright Shocked by Lala Kent’s Babysitter Fury

Brittany Cartwright Shocked by Lala Kent’s Babysitter Fury

Brittany Cartwright was left stunned by Lala Kent’s outburst over a babysitter, a drama that unfolded during the Vanderpump Rules reunion. Brittany, who had already reconciled with Lala before the reunion, was caught off guard when the topic resurfaced. “I didn’t know she was going to bring that up,” Brittany admitted, expressing her surprise at the unexpected confrontation.

On her podcast, When Reality Hits, Brittany elaborated on her feelings, saying she was “taken aback” by Lala’s comments. Despite the tension, Brittany maintained her composure and chose not to retaliate, keeping her response “short and sweet.”

The conflict began when Brittany texted Lala’s mother, Lisa Burningham, on the day Lala announced the gender of her second baby. Lala was furious, feeling that Brittany’s message about hiring a nanny was inappropriate. “Do not text my mother on the day I find out I’m having a baby girl and ask about our nanny,” Lala fumed. She even suggested that her mother would have slapped Brittany if it weren’t for their relationship.

Brittany explained that her message was a mistake, driven by her now-estranged husband Jax Taylor’s anger. She apologized immediately, acknowledging that the timing was poor. “I would never be rude or mean to anyone,” Brittany insisted, emphasizing that her concern was about finding a trustworthy caregiver for her son, Cruz.

Despite the drama, Brittany and Lala have managed to remain on good terms. Brittany was “very shocked” that the issue was brought up at the reunion, but she hopes their friendship can recover. Both women are navigating significant life changes—Brittany is going through a separation, and Lala is pregnant—so emotions are understandably high.

The incident highlights the complexities of their relationship and the pressures of public scrutiny. Brittany’s decision to reach out to Lala’s mother, albeit poorly timed, was rooted in her desire to ensure her son’s well-being. Lala’s reaction, fueled by the emotional significance of the day, underscores the challenges of maintaining personal boundaries in the public eye.

As both women continue to navigate their personal lives and careers, their friendship will undoubtedly face more tests. However, their ability to communicate and apologize suggests that they have the potential to move past this latest hurdle. For now, fans will have to wait and see how their relationship evolves in the coming episodes of Vanderpump Rules, now streaming on Peacock.

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