SHS Named 2024 Nebraska Outstanding Rule 47 Career Academy on 960 AM and 100.3 FM

SHS Named 2024 Nebraska Outstanding Rule 47 Career Academy on 960 AM and 100.3 FM

Scottsbluff High School (SHS) has proudly announced its recognition as the 2024 Nebraska Outstanding Rule 47 Career Academy. This prestigious accolade highlights the exceptional achievements of career and technical education programs across various educational levels, including junior high, middle schools, high schools, and postsecondary institutions. This marks the second time SHS has been honored with a Nebraska Outstanding Career and Technical Education Program Award, having previously received the Outstanding High School for Career and Technical Education in 2017.

The criteria for this award are stringent and comprehensive. They include instructional programs that align with the Nebraska Career and Technical Education Model. Programs must demonstrate quality in several areas, such as student achievement in both career and academic fields, innovative instruction based on a state model program of study, leadership and personal development through career and technical student organizations, effective implementation of career guidance and work-based learning, alignment with Nebraska’s workforce needs and economic priorities, and community engagement.

“We are extremely honored and proud to receive this recognition,” said Justin Shaddick, Principal of Scottsbluff High School. “Our staff takes tremendous pride in the Career and Technical Education programs at SHS, and they work extremely hard to make their programs successful. In addition, we are especially grateful to our community for the extraordinary amount of support we receive through our business partnerships. Without our community, these student opportunities would not be possible. Scottsbluff High School continues to strive for an engaging student experience resulting in a relevant diploma and college and career-ready graduates.”

In 2023, SHS was recognized for significant student achievements. Over 60 students placed in the top three in state Career and Technical Student Organizations, and more than 70 seniors were placed in internship programs with local businesses aligned with their educational goals. The Class of 2023 earned a total of 2,685 college credits, saving families an estimated $445,996 in college expenses. Additionally, eight seniors acquired certifications of completion from Western Nebraska Community College as welding and auto body technicians, four students earned their cosmetology licenses, and more than 40 students completed their Certified Nursing Assistant licenses.

Assistant Principal Kelli Jensen, along with Career and Technical Education teachers Anne Schmall and Alan Held, accepted the award at the 50th Anniversary Nebraska Career & Technical Education Conference on behalf of SHS and the District. This recognition underscores the dedication and hard work of the SHS staff and the invaluable support from the community, which together create a thriving environment for student success in career and technical education.

The award not only celebrates the achievements of SHS but also sets a benchmark for other educational institutions aiming to excel in career and technical education. The recognition serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to providing high-quality education that prepares students for both college and career paths. The community’s involvement and the school’s partnerships with local businesses play a crucial role in offering students practical, hands-on experiences that are essential for their future careers.

The success of SHS’s Career and Technical Education programs is a result of a collaborative effort between the school, students, parents, and the community. The programs are designed to meet the needs of the local workforce and economic priorities, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the demands of the job market. The school’s focus on innovative instruction and student achievement in both career and academic arenas has set it apart as a leader in career and technical education.

The recognition of SHS as the 2024 Nebraska Outstanding Rule 47 Career Academy is a significant achievement that highlights the school’s dedication to excellence in education. It reflects the hard work and commitment of the staff, students, and community in creating a supportive and effective learning environment. This award is a testament to the success of SHS’s Career and Technical Education programs and their impact on students’ futures.

For more information about the award and the Nebraska Career & Technical Education Conference, visit the official website.

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