Sophie Turner vacations in Italy with Peregrine Pearson as ex Joe Jonas is newly single

Sophie Turner vacations in Italy with Peregrine Pearson as ex Joe Jonas is newly single

Sophie Turner is enjoying a romantic getaway in Italy with her new beau, Peregrine Pearson, while her ex-husband Joe Jonas navigates life as a newly single man. The “Game of Thrones” star, 28, was seen strolling through the picturesque streets of Capri with the British aristocrat, 29, on Friday. Turner, casually dressed in a navy blue sweatshirt and jeans, was spotted smoking a cigarette, while Pearson sipped on a glass of white wine, dressed in a black T-shirt, white pants, and a black cap.

The couple’s Italian vacation comes amid Turner’s ongoing divorce from Jonas, which has been a topic of much public interest. Turner and Pearson were first linked last November when they were seen kissing, shortly after her split from Jonas. By January, sources close to the couple revealed that they had grown very close, with Turner reportedly “couldn’t be happier” in her new relationship.

Turner and Pearson’s relationship appears to be blossoming, with the pair often seen together in public. Their latest outing in Capri is just another indication of their growing bond. Turner, who accessorized her casual look with a Louis Vuitton purse, seemed relaxed and happy as she walked alongside Pearson.

Meanwhile, Joe Jonas, 34, has recently ended his brief romance with model Stormi Bree. The couple, who had been dating for five months, reportedly split due to Jonas’s busy schedule working on his solo album. A source confirmed that Jonas’s demanding career and responsibilities as a father have made it difficult for him to maintain a romantic relationship at this time.

Jonas and Turner, who share two daughters, Willa, 3, and Delphine, 1, have been embroiled in a contentious divorce since Jonas filed for separation last September. The split has led to a custody battle over their children, with Turner recently dropping a child abduction lawsuit against Jonas. The lawsuit had claimed that Jonas wrongfully retained their daughters’ passports, preventing them from traveling to the UK, where Turner was born and raised.

Despite the legal drama, Turner seems to be moving forward with her life. She was recently seen beaming during a late-night stroll in London with Pearson, just hours after dropping the lawsuit. The couple appeared affectionate, with Pearson wrapping his arm around Turner as they walked.

Turner’s new relationship with Pearson has been a source of happiness for the actress, who insiders say “never expected to find someone she cares about this quickly.” The couple’s immediate spark and growing closeness have been evident in their public appearances, including their recent vacation in Italy.

As Turner enjoys her time with Pearson, Jonas is focusing on his career and children. A source close to Jonas revealed that he has been struggling to balance his busy schedule with his personal life. Despite the challenges, Jonas is reportedly content with where things are at the moment and is not in a rush to jump into a new relationship.

The divorce proceedings between Jonas and Turner have been closely followed by fans and the media. The couple, who married in 2019, had been experiencing serious problems in their relationship for months before Jonas filed for divorce. The split has been attributed to their different lifestyles, with Turner reportedly enjoying a more social and party-oriented lifestyle, while Jonas has been more focused on his career and family.

As the divorce continues, Turner and Jonas have reached a temporary custody agreement for their daughters, which will last through January 2024. Despite the challenges, both Turner and Jonas are committed to co-parenting their children and finding a resolution that works for their family.

Turner’s new romance with Pearson has been a bright spot in her life amid the ongoing divorce. The couple’s public displays of affection and frequent outings suggest that their relationship is becoming more serious. As they continue to enjoy their time together, fans are eager to see how their relationship will develop.

In the meantime, Jonas is focusing on his music and his role as a father. While his relationship with Bree has ended, Jonas remains open to finding love again in the future. For now, he is content with his current situation and is taking things one day at a time.

As Turner and Pearson continue their Italian vacation, it is clear that the actress is finding happiness and moving forward with her life. With her new relationship blossoming and her legal battles with Jonas being resolved, Turner is looking ahead to a brighter future.

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