Still Wakes the Deep Launch Trailer Teases Upcoming Horrors

Still Wakes the Deep Launch Trailer Teases Upcoming Horrors

The final trailer for “Still Wakes the Deep” has been released, offering a chilling glimpse into the horrors awaiting players. Developed by The Chinese Room and published by Secret Mode, this narrative horror game is set to launch on June 18, 2024. The trailer, unveiled during the PC Gaming Show 2024, teases the terrifying journey of Cameron “Caz” McLeary, the game’s protagonist, as he navigates the nightmarish events aboard the Beira D oil rig.

The Chinese Room, known for their critically acclaimed titles like “Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs” and “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture,” promises an immersive and haunting experience. The trailer introduces viewers to Caz’s overbearing boss, Rennick, and hints at the catastrophic events that will unfold on the rig. The Beira D, a seemingly ordinary oil rig, becomes a setting for unimaginable horrors as the crew faces an unknown terror.

“Still Wakes the Deep” will be available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PlayStation 5, with a simultaneous release on Game Pass for both console and PC. Pre-orders for the physical PS5 version are already open at various retailers.

The game marks a return to the first-person narrative horror genre for The Chinese Room. Players will step into the shoes of an offshore oil rig worker, struggling to survive amidst a violent storm, treacherous surroundings, and the icy waters of the North Sea. With all communication lines cut and no escape routes, the only option is to confront the mysterious horror that has invaded the rig.

The trailer not only showcases the eerie atmosphere of the Beira D but also provides a glimpse into the personal struggles of Caz. A poignant monologue from his partner reveals the emotional stakes, adding depth to the horror narrative. The rig, with its evolving environment, promises to keep players on edge as it shakes, cracks, and floods, creating a dynamic and terrifying setting.

Rob McLachlan, the lead designer for “Still Wakes the Deep,” emphasized the importance of the Beira D oil rig in creating a memorable experience. Drawing inspiration from iconic settings like the Ishimura from “Dead Space” and the ship in “Event Horizon,” the team has crafted a rig that feels like a spaceship hovering over the cold North Sea. The evolving environment ensures that players remain engaged and unsettled throughout the game.

The trailer also hints at the aftermath of an attack on the rig, with scenes of chaos and destruction. Showers left running, washing machines ajar, and Christmas decorations in disarray suggest a sudden and violent event. The grotesque imagery of mutated human flesh and body parts adds to the sense of dread and mystery.

“Still Wakes the Deep” is set in 1975, off the coast of Scotland. The first-person adventure tasks players with locating their crew while being pursued by a mysterious threat. With no weapons or special abilities, exploration and survival are key. The game’s setting and narrative draw comparisons to other horror classics, but it promises a unique and emotionally charged experience.

The Chinese Room has a reputation for innovative storytelling and atmospheric games. Since joining the Sumo Digital family in 2018, the studio has continued to push the boundaries of game development. “Still Wakes the Deep” is their latest project, combining their expertise in narrative-driven games with new directions and ambitions.

As the release date approaches, anticipation for “Still Wakes the Deep” continues to build. The final trailer has set the stage for a gripping and terrifying experience, and fans of horror games are eagerly awaiting the chance to explore the Beira D and uncover its dark secrets. With its immersive setting, emotional depth, and evolving environment, “Still Wakes the Deep” promises to be a standout title in the horror genre.

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