Taylor Swift Dancer Honors Liverpool in Shoutout During 3rd Eras Tour Show

Taylor Swift Dancer Honors Liverpool in Shoutout During 3rd Eras Tour Show

Taylor Swift’s third and final Eras Tour show in Liverpool was a night to remember, not just for the music but for a special nod to the local culture. On Saturday, June 15, at Anfield Stadium, the 34-year-old pop sensation added a unique twist to her performance of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

In a delightful surprise, Swift’s dancer, Kameron Saunders, altered his usual “Like, ever” shoutout to “Jog on, lad!”—a phrase familiar to the people of Liverpool, known as Scousers. The phrase, which loosely translates to “get lost,” was delivered in a Liverpudlian accent, much to the audience’s delight. The crowd erupted in cheers, appreciating the local touch.

Saunders is known for tailoring his shoutouts to the native language of each performance location. He had previously made a special change during Swift’s first Liverpool show to mark her 100th Eras Tour performance. In a video shared on TikTok from the June 13 concert, Saunders changed the shoutout to “for the 100th time, no.”

Earlier that day, Swift had acknowledged the milestone of her 100th show, telling the audience that the tour would conclude at the end of the year. “A lot of you are like, ‘How are you going to celebrate the 100th show?'” Swift said, according to fan-filmed footage. “The celebration of the 100th show for me means this is the very first time I’ve acknowledged to myself and admitted that this tour is going to end in December.”

Swift expressed her mixed feelings about the tour’s end, saying, “That feels so far away from now, but then again, it feels like we just played our first show on this tour because you have made this so fun for us.” She added, “It’s taken over everything. I think I once had hobbies, but I don’t know what they were anymore because all I do when I’m not on stage is sit at home and try to think of clever acoustic song mashups.”

After the June 13 concert, Swift stayed up late to watch a livestream of the Kansas City Chiefs ring ceremony, where her boyfriend Travis Kelce and his teammates received their Super Bowl LVIII rings. Swift joined the livestream on Chariah Gordon’s Instagram Live, sharing her excitement in the comments section. “JOINING THE PARTY FROM LIVERPOOL,” she wrote. “LET’S GOOOOOOOO!”

Swift’s Liverpool shows were filled with memorable moments. She performed mashups of “The Manuscript” and “Red,” as well as “Carolina” with “No Body, No Crime” from her album Evermore during her acoustic “surprise song” set on June 15. The night before, she delighted the audience with a rendition of the 2016 hit “This Is What You Came For” by Rihanna and Swift’s ex Calvin Harris.

During her second show in Liverpool, Swift praised the “beautiful” crowd in a heartfelt moment posted on X (formerly Twitter). “I just want to say, on an individual basis, this is one of the most expressive, genuine, generous, beautiful crowds I’ve ever gotten to play for,” Swift said. “I’ve made so many best friends out here tonight, you have no idea.”

Swift continued, “I’m so lucky to get to play a show with people like you wanting to come to it. Thank you so, so, so much for that. I love you Liverpool. Thank you.”

The Eras Tour, first announced in November 2022, initially included 27 concert dates across the United States. Since then, Swift has added several additional legs to the tour, including stops in Latin America, Asia, Australia, and Europe, as well as an additional North American leg.

“Just know that I appreciate every single ounce of effort that you’ve put into being with us when this tour reaches triple digits of shows — so thank you,” Swift told the fans in Liverpool, the birthplace of the Beatles.

Ahead of her arrival in Liverpool, Merseyside Police had been preparing for six months to ensure the event’s safety. In a video posted to X, Chief Superintendent for Liverpool Zoe Thornton said, “We’re really looking forward to welcoming Taylor Swift and the Swifties. We know Swifties look after each other so continue to do so.”

Following her three nights in Liverpool, Swift is set to head to Cardiff, Wales, for her next tour stops. The Liverpool shows were a testament to Swift’s ability to connect with her audience, not just through her music but by embracing the local culture and making each performance unique.

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