The song of the summer is unavoidable

The song of the summer is unavoidable

The song of the summer is unavoidable. This year, Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” has taken over the airwaves, marking his first Number One single in nearly a decade. If you haven’t heard it yet, brace yourself—it’s only a matter of time. The song is meticulously crafted, designed to be as omnipresent as the summer sun. It’s tied to the upcoming movie Trolls, which won’t hit theaters for another six months, but the song is already set to dominate graduations, summer parties, and eventually the holiday season. Resistance is futile; “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” is here to stay.

As of today, the song is enjoyable, albeit a bit lightweight and perhaps overly calculated. The exclamation point in the title adds a touch of cynicism, but it’s hard to deny its infectious energy. It’s reminiscent of Pharrell’s “Happy,” which also became an unexpected hit. While “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” is essentially a children’s song for the Trolls movie, it has the potential to become a summer anthem. By June, it will be irresistible. By July, it might become overbearing. By August, you might find yourself yearning for a new Bruno Mars track. Come September, with the new season of Saturday Night Live, Timberlake will likely be aiming to match Tom Hanks’ number of appearances. Trolls will be released in November, and awards season will follow in February. Just dance, dance, dance, come on.

The song’s producers and co-writers, Max Martin and Shellback, are no strangers to creating chart-topping hits. This is Martin’s 22nd Hot 100 Number One, adding to a resume that includes hits for Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. The last song with his production credit, Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman,” is still in the Top 20. If you were considering reading a “potential songs of the summer” list, the songwriting credits for “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”—Martin, Shellback, and Timberlake—should save you some time.

It’s a bit frustrating because the song lacks originality. From the video to the lyrics, the joyous message, the kid-friendly synergy, and the funky falsetto, it feels like a rehash of Pharrell’s “Happy” but for Trolls instead of Minions. The song borrows elements from various artists: the disco-funk guitars reminiscent of Maroon 5, the clattering percussion akin to Robin Thicke, and the chord changes that echo Michael Jackson. Timberlake even uses slang popularized by other artists, like Kanye West and Lil Wayne, adding a layer of swagger to the Trolls soundtrack.

Despite its calculated nature, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” is set to be the song of the summer. Its infectious beat and feel-good vibe make it impossible to ignore. Whether you’re at a graduation party, a summer barbecue, or just driving with the windows down, this song will be the soundtrack to your summer. It’s designed to be inescapable, and it will be.

The song’s success is a testament to the power of well-crafted pop music. Max Martin and Shellback have a knack for creating hits that resonate with a wide audience. Their collaboration with Timberlake has resulted in a song that is both catchy and memorable. It’s the kind of song that gets stuck in your head and refuses to leave.

As the summer progresses, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” will become a staple at every event. Its upbeat tempo and positive lyrics make it perfect for any occasion. By the time the movie Trolls is released in November, the song will have already cemented its place in pop culture. It’s a song that will be played on repeat, and its impact will be felt long after the summer is over.

In a world where music trends come and go, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” stands out as a song that has staying power. It’s a reminder of the joy and excitement that summer brings. It’s a song that makes you want to dance, sing along, and enjoy the moment. It’s the song of the summer, and it’s unavoidable.

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