The Who’s Roger Daltrey Frustrated by Fans Checking Setlists

The Who’s Roger Daltrey Frustrated by Fans Checking Setlists

Roger Daltrey’s Frustration with Fans Checking Setlists

Rock legend Roger Daltrey, the iconic frontman of The Who, has expressed his frustration with fans who check setlists before attending concerts. In a recent interview with Billboard, Daltrey didn’t hold back his feelings. “There are no surprises left with concerts these days because everybody wants to see the setlist,” he lamented. “I’m absolutely sick of it.”

Setlists are frequently shared on social media platforms and websites like, leading many concertgoers to know the entire lineup of songs before the show even begins. This trend has left Daltrey disheartened. “The internet has ruined live shows for me,” he said. “Who wants to know what’s coming next? People forget about surprises. I can’t stand it.”

Billboard suggested that some fans might check setlists to know when they can take a bathroom break without missing their favorite songs. Daltrey’s response was blunt and humorous: “Why not just start to listen to the bloody show in the toilet, then?” he quipped, though he was laughing as he spoke.

Daltrey is currently embarking on a solo tour across the United States. However, he is likely to be displeased to learn that is already tracking his performances. The practice of sharing setlists online has become so pervasive that it seems almost impossible to avoid.

As Daltrey kicks off his tour, the issue of setlist spoilers remains a sore point. The Who’s concerts have always been known for their spontaneity and energy, elements that Daltrey feels are compromised when fans know what to expect. “It’s like reading the last page of a book before you start,” he said. “It takes away the magic.”

Despite his frustrations, Daltrey continues to deliver powerful performances, adapting and changing setlists on the fly to keep the experience fresh. However, the challenge of maintaining the element of surprise in the digital age is a constant battle for the rock veteran.

In an era where information is readily available at our fingertips, the desire to know what’s coming next seems almost irresistible for many fans. Yet, for artists like Daltrey, this trend diminishes the unique, live experience that concerts are meant to provide. “It’s about being in the moment,” he emphasized. “That’s what live music is all about.”

As Daltrey’s tour progresses, it remains to be seen how he will navigate the issue of setlist spoilers. For now, he continues to voice his discontent, hoping that fans will reconsider their approach and embrace the unpredictability of live performances. “Just come and enjoy the show,” he urged. “Let yourself be surprised.”

While the debate over setlist spoilers continues, one thing is clear: Roger Daltrey’s passion for live music remains as strong as ever. Despite the challenges posed by the internet, he remains committed to delivering unforgettable performances, one show at a time.

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