Throwback to When Sridevi Requested Supriya Pathak to Speak Like Hansa

Throwback to When Sridevi Requested Supriya Pathak to Speak Like Hansa

In a delightful throwback, Supriya Pathak, known for her iconic role as Hansa Parekh in the popular TV show ‘Khichdi,’ shared a memorable encounter with the late legendary actress Sridevi. During an interview, Supriya recounted a heartwarming incident that took place on a flight, where she met Sridevi, who was a huge fan of ‘Khichdi.’

Sridevi, known for her versatile acting and charming persona, couldn’t contain her excitement upon recognizing Supriya. The legendary actress approached Supriya with a unique request that left both actresses and the surrounding passengers in high spirits. Sridevi asked Supriya to speak in the distinctive, humorous style of her character Hansa Parekh.

Supriya, always gracious and warm, happily obliged. She slipped into Hansa’s character effortlessly, delivering her lines with the same quirky charm that had made Hansa a household name. Sridevi was thrilled and thoroughly entertained throughout the flight, laughing and enjoying every moment of Supriya’s impromptu performance.

This encounter is a testament to the impact of Supriya’s portrayal of Hansa Parekh. ‘Khichdi,’ a show that brought laughter to countless homes, had evidently left a lasting impression on Sridevi, just as it had on many others. The show, known for its unique humor and memorable characters, continues to be cherished by fans.

Sridevi’s request highlights her genuine admiration for Supriya’s work and her ability to appreciate the talent of her peers. It also showcases the camaraderie and mutual respect that exists within the film and television industry. Such moments of genuine connection and appreciation are what make the entertainment industry a close-knit community.

Supriya Pathak’s recounting of this incident not only brings back fond memories of Sridevi but also reminds us of the joy and laughter that ‘Khichdi’ brought into our lives. The show, with its quirky characters and hilarious situations, remains a beloved classic in Indian television history.

Sridevi’s untimely demise left a void in the hearts of her fans and the film industry. However, stories like these keep her memory alive, reminding us of her warmth, humility, and the joy she spread through her work. Her appreciation for Supriya’s portrayal of Hansa Parekh is a beautiful reminder of the mutual respect and admiration that artists have for each other.

Supriya Pathak, with her impeccable comic timing and endearing portrayal of Hansa, continues to be celebrated for her contribution to Indian television. Her ability to bring a smile to Sridevi’s face, even if just for a flight’s duration, speaks volumes about her talent and the impact of her work.

This throwback to when Sridevi requested Supriya Pathak to speak like Hansa is a heartwarming reminder of the power of entertainment to connect people, bring joy, and create lasting memories. It is a beautiful anecdote that celebrates the legacy of two incredible actresses who have left an indelible mark on the hearts of their fans.

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