Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ exes flaunt major PDA in NYC

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ exes flaunt major PDA in NYC

Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, the former spouses of ex-“GMA3” co-hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, were recently spotted sharing a tender moment in New York City. The pair, who have reportedly bonded over the shared experience of their exes’ infidelity, were seen embracing and displaying affection publicly.

Shue and Fiebig’s relationship appears to have blossomed from the mutual support they provided each other during their respective divorces. The couple was photographed in a warm embrace, with Shue giving Fiebig a playful pat on the butt as they parted ways. Shue was seen helping Fiebig with her luggage, and the two shared a kiss before saying goodbye.

Fiebig, a 46-year-old immigration lawyer, was dressed casually in a colorful tie-dye sundress and a pink jacket tied around her waist. Shue, on the other hand, opted for a relaxed look with a blue T-shirt and navy athletic shorts. This public display of affection marks the first time the couple has been seen together since their relationship was revealed in December 2023.

Insiders have noted that Shue and Fiebig’s relationship has been a healing experience for both, helping them move past the scandal involving their exes. “They’ve connected over their values and shared experiences,” a source mentioned.

Despite keeping their relationship relatively private, Shue and Fiebig were last seen enjoying a romantic walk in New York City in March. The couple, dressed in black, strolled arm in arm through the streets, heading to dinner and sharing smiles and laughter. Earlier that week, they were spotted at a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden with Fiebig’s teenage daughter, appearing happy and enjoying their time together.

While their relationship has grown more serious, sources close to the couple have indicated that marriage is not currently on the agenda. “They’re both coming out of long marriages and are still getting to know each other,” a source told Page Six. “They are fully together and committed, and it’s a very healthy relationship.”

Meanwhile, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, Shue and Fiebig’s exes, are also thriving in their relationship. The former “GMA3” co-anchors, who were dismissed after their affair became public in November 2022, recently discussed their relationship and potential marriage on their joint podcast. “We’re still deciding about what that level of commitment is, whether it’s legal or not, but mentally and emotionally, we’ve absolutely agreed to commit to one another,” Robach shared with listeners. Holmes added, “We haven’t decided whether or not we are going to officially get married.”

Robach and Holmes have addressed the infidelity allegations that emerged when their relationship first became public. In the first episode of their “Amy & T.J.” podcast, Holmes clarified, “We lost the jobs we love because we love each other. To be clear, we were outed as being in a relationship, but everyone else thought we were being outed as adulterers. It wasn’t the case. We both, at that point, were in divorce proceedings.”

Robach added that they “had attorneys and mediators and were in the middle of divorces.” She mentioned that by the time their relationship emerged, she had already been separated from Shue for three months, and Holmes had been living separately from Fiebig since the summer of 2022.

The drama following the discovery of their relationship stemmed from their decision to keep their divorces private. “We weren’t exposed for being together; we were exposed for not actually living the lives we were portraying to the world,” Robach said. “Because we weren’t living those lives, we weren’t able to actually expose our relationship.”

Despite the controversy, Robach and Holmes have continued to enjoy their relationship publicly. They recently attended iHeartRadio’s Jingleball 2023 Tour’s New York stop at Madison Square Garden, where they didn’t shy away from showing off their happiness and a little PDA. Robach wrapped her arms around Holmes, and the couple laughed and posed for photos on the red carpet.

Their public outing came just days after the news broke about their ex-spouses, Shue and Fiebig, finding love in the wake of their respective splits. Shue and Fiebig were seen loading two cats into the backseat of Shue’s green Jeep Wrangler, smiling and chatting as they packed their vehicle.

The romance between Robach and Holmes became public knowledge in November 2022 when photos of them cozying up together surfaced. At the time, Robach had not confirmed her separation from Shue, nor Holmes from Fiebig. In December 2022, Robach and Holmes were “temporarily” removed from “GMA3,” and the following month, it was officially announced that they would not be returning to their roles at ABC News.

In the debut episode of their podcast, Robach and Holmes cleared up the timeline of their romance, revealing that they had each been living separately from their estranged spouses before pursuing a romantic relationship with each other. Holmes explained, “November 30, 2022, was the day that we were outed. To be clear, we were outed as being in a relationship, but everyone else thought we were being outed as adulterers. It wasn’t the case because the day those pictures were taken, we both were in divorce proceedings.”

Robach added, “We thought we were protecting our children and our families. And we thought we had time and a right to privacy, and maybe that was foolish and silly.”

Despite the challenges, Robach and Holmes remain committed to each other and continue to navigate their relationship in the public eye.

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