Tiffany Haddish told Leonardo DiCaprio I want to f–k when they met

Tiffany Haddish told Leonardo DiCaprio I want to f–k when they met

Tiffany Haddish has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, and her encounter with Leonardo DiCaprio is no exception. During a recent appearance on “The Howard Stern Show,” the comedian shared a bold and unexpected proposition she made to the Oscar-winning actor when they first met.

Haddish, known for her candid humor, recounted the moment she told DiCaprio, “I want to f**k, but only if you are your character out of ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.'” This surprising request referred to DiCaprio’s role as Arnie Grape, a young boy with special needs, in the 1993 film that also starred Johnny Depp.

Howard Stern, the show’s host, was taken aback by Haddish’s revelation. “Get out of here. You didn’t say that,” he exclaimed in disbelief. His co-host, Robin Quivers, added with a laugh that DiCaprio was “cute even then as Arnie.”

Haddish didn’t stop there. She humorously noted that she has a preference for men “with a little bit of a disability,” a comment that left Stern and Quivers both shocked and amused. Despite her bold approach, Haddish admitted that she is “still working on” convincing DiCaprio to take her up on her offer. She acknowledged that she might be “too old” for the actor, who is known for dating women under the age of 25, and added, “I don’t think I’m his type.”

DiCaprio, who has been dating Italian model Vittoria Ceretti since last August, is known for his relationships with younger women. Ceretti, notably, turned 26 recently, just barely fitting into DiCaprio’s typical dating age range.

Haddish, currently single, shared that she is juggling three men at once and has recently left the dating app Bumble. She described her ideal man as someone who is “handsome” to her, listing celebrities like Michael B. Jordan, Usher, Henry Cavill, and Brad Pitt as examples. She even complimented Stern, saying she loves his “curly hair” and “nose.”

In addition to physical appearance, Haddish emphasized the importance of personality traits in a partner. She wants someone who takes care of their health and enjoys adventure. “I love adventure. Let’s go on some kind of journey. Like, let’s go on a hike or let’s take a trip somewhere. Let’s go to an island,” she said.

Haddish also revealed that she recently got the phone number of rock star Lenny Kravitz, who has publicly stated that he hasn’t had sex in nine years. She joked about whether she should call him and discuss his celibacy, suggesting it might be a “match made in heaven.”

Reflecting on her past relationships, Haddish mentioned her previous romance with rapper Common, which ended in November 2021. She later denied Common’s claim that their breakup was mutual, stating that he had dumped her over the phone.

Haddish’s candidness and humor have always been a part of her charm, and her encounter with DiCaprio is just another example of her unfiltered personality. Whether or not she ever convinces DiCaprio to fulfill her unique request, Haddish continues to entertain and surprise with her bold and unapologetic approach to life and love.