Were Rupert Murdoch’s Wedding Sneakers the Ultimate Power Move?

Were Rupert Murdoch’s Wedding Sneakers the Ultimate Power Move?

Rupert Murdoch’s Wedding Sneakers: The Ultimate Power Move?

Rupert Murdoch, the 93-year-old media mogul, recently tied the knot for the fifth time with Elena Zhukova, a retired molecular biologist. The wedding took place at Murdoch’s vineyard estate in California, and while the ceremony itself was a topic of interest, it was Murdoch’s choice of footwear that truly stole the spotlight. The media tycoon opted for a pair of running sneakers, a decision that has sparked much debate and speculation. Were Rupert Murdoch’s wedding sneakers the ultimate power move?

In an era where traditional wedding attire is being redefined, Murdoch’s choice to wear sneakers can be seen as a bold statement. The sneakers, rumored to be by Hoka, were a stark contrast to the elegant ivory dress worn by his bride. This choice raises the question: was Murdoch making a deliberate move to draw attention away from the bride, or was he simply prioritizing comfort?

Murdoch’s decision to wear sneakers could be seen as a nod to current fashion trends. Sneakers have become increasingly popular at weddings, with many grooms and brides opting for stylish yet comfortable footwear. Simon “Woody” Wood, editor-in-chief of Sneaker Freaker, notes that sneakers at weddings are now an extension of one’s personality. “In recent years, sneakers have become popular for grooms and brides at weddings. People wear gold Air Jordan 4s, matching pairs, or old favorites to express being sneakerheads on their big day,” Wood explains.

Murdoch’s previous weddings saw him in more traditional, stiff leather shoes, which aligned with his public image as a gruff media mogul. However, the choice of Hokas, known for their higher soles and comfort, suggests a shift towards a more relaxed and modern approach. Unlike his fourth wife, supermodel Jerry Hall, who wore flat shoes to their 2016 wedding, Zhukova opted for high heels, further highlighting the contrast in their footwear choices.

The trend of wearing sneakers at formal events is not limited to weddings. Public figures like US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have been spotted wearing sneakers with suits, signaling a broader acceptance of this fashion choice. Biden, for instance, has been seen in Hoka sneakers, while Sunak prefers Adidas Samba sneakers with suit pants.

Sydney stylist Ken Thompson emphasizes that the brand of sneaker is less important than how they are worn. “Once a trouser is involved, I would recommend a cuffed, wide leg and a black leather sneaker,” Thompson advises. He also notes that jackets with strong shoulder pads and pleated trousers work well with dark sneakers, but cautions against regular, straight-leg trousers.

Wedding expert Bruce Keebaugh, owner of hospitality company The Big Group, supports the idea of sneakers at weddings. “They are totally de rigueur today,” Keebaugh says. He mentions that his black-tie go-tos are from Christian Louboutin, and he pairs them with P Johnson suits and sneakers from Tod’s suede range.

Event stylist and artist James Gordon, who has worked on high-profile weddings, also approves of the sneaker trend. “It can be a quirky youngster look,” Gordon says, adding that it works best if both the bride and groom are tall. However, he notes that a bride of a certain age might still prefer a more traditional, beautiful shoe.

Murdoch’s choice of sneakers at his wedding can be seen as a reflection of his personality and a statement of his status. At 93, Murdoch has nothing to prove and can afford to prioritize comfort over convention. His decision to wear sneakers could be interpreted as a power move, signaling that he is in control and unbound by traditional expectations.

In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, Murdoch’s wedding sneakers serve as a reminder that personal style and comfort can coexist with tradition. Whether it was a calculated move to draw attention or simply a preference for comfort, Murdoch’s choice has certainly made a statement.

As society continues to embrace more relaxed and personalized approaches to fashion, it will be interesting to see how future weddings and formal events evolve. For now, Rupert Murdoch’s wedding sneakers stand as a testament to the changing landscape of fashion and the power of individual expression.

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