Westside Gunn Reveals His Next Album Is Finished
source: hotnewhiphop.com

Westside Gunn Reveals His Next Album Is Finished

Westside Gunn has exciting news for his fans. The rapper recently announced on Instagram that his next album is officially complete. In a heartfelt post, he not only shared updates about his new music but also addressed concerns about his well-being. Fans have been worried about his mental and physical health, prompting Gunn to provide a “wellness check.”

In his Instagram post, Gunn reassured his followers that he is doing well. “ALOOOOOOT of ppl been hitting me in my Dms just making sure I’m good, am I ok mentally/physically bc I haven’t been on the scene like that so I’m just posting this to let y’all know I’m still SUPER FLYGOD everyday!!!!!” he wrote. He emphasized that he is still the best father he knows, still creating new ideas, and has been designing incredible pieces. He also confirmed that his new album is finished, stating, “Yes I’m done with my new Album, physically as u can see I’m looking better than ever, mentally I think I’m focused more than I’ve ever been.”

Gunn’s post also touched on how the loss of his brother has changed his perspective on life. He expressed a renewed focus and determination, saying, “since I lost Bro I look at life totally diff but even more than ever before it’s … F*CK THESE NI$$As LORD!!! If my influence not attached or my hands isnt on it Sh*t trash [laughing emojis].” He ended the post with several hashtags, including #GXFR, #RIPBIGDUMP, #SUPERFLYGOD, #LOUISVUITTONGOD, #RIPVIRGIL, #CULTURE, #ART, and #HEELSHAVEEYES.

This announcement comes a year after the release of his fifth studio album, “And Then You Pray for Me,” which served as a sequel to his 2020 album “Pray for Paris.” More recently, Gunn collaborated with Conway the Machine and The Alchemist on the single “Halal,” released earlier this year.

Fans are eagerly awaiting more updates and the release of Westside Gunn’s new album. The rapper has been a significant figure in the hip-hop scene, known for his unique style and impactful music. His previous works have set high expectations, and this new album is highly anticipated.

Westside Gunn’s journey in the music industry has been marked by his distinctive approach and dedication to his craft. His ability to blend high fashion with dark tales of the drug trade has made him a standout artist. His collaborations with other artists and producers have also contributed to his success, bringing a diverse range of sounds and styles to his music.

As fans look forward to the release of his new album, they can take comfort in knowing that Westside Gunn is in a good place mentally and physically. His recent Instagram post not only provided an update on his music but also reassured fans that he is doing well. With his new album complete, the anticipation continues to build for what promises to be another impactful release from the rapper.

In the meantime, fans can revisit his previous works, including “And Then You Pray for Me” and “Pray for Paris,” as they await the new album. Westside Gunn’s music continues to resonate with listeners, and his upcoming release is sure to be another significant addition to his discography.

Stay tuned for more updates from Westside Gunn as he prepares to release his new album. The rapper’s dedication to his craft and his unique approach to music make him a standout artist in the hip-hop scene. Fans can look forward to another impactful release from Westside Gunn, as he continues to push the boundaries of his art.