When Did Carol Danvers Regain Her Full Memories Stolen by Rogue

When Did Carol Danvers Regain Her Full Memories Stolen by Rogue

When Did Carol Danvers Regain Her Full Memories Stolen by Rogue

Carol Danvers and Rogue have a storied history, marked by conflict and eventual reconciliation. Their relationship began on a tumultuous note when a young Rogue, under the influence of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, stole Carol Danvers’ powers and memories. This act left a lasting impact on both characters, intertwining their fates in complex ways.

Rogue’s theft of Carol’s abilities was first hinted at through flashbacks, but the full story was revealed in MARVEL SUPER-HEROES (1990) #11. During an attack orchestrated by Rogue’s adoptive mothers, Destiny and Mystique, Rogue inadvertently absorbed Carol’s powers, psyche, and memories. This left Carol in a near-death state and Rogue overwhelmed by the influx of new emotions and memories.

After this incident, Rogue attacked the Avengers, further complicating her relationship with Carol. Spider-Woman eventually found Carol and brought her to Professor X, who managed to partially restore her mind. Carol, now powerless, joined the X-Men, distancing herself from the Avengers who had previously abandoned her.

Carol and Rogue’s paths crossed again when Carol, now the cosmic hero Binary, encountered Rogue during her time with the X-Men. Their confrontations were intense, with Carol even leaving the X-Men to join the Starjammers after Xavier decided to help Rogue control her powers.

Rogue’s journey towards redemption saw her becoming a core member of the X-Men, but she continued to struggle with Carol’s lingering psyche. This internal battle culminated when Rogue entered the mystical Siege Perilous, leading to the creation of a physical duplicate of Carol’s psyche. This duplicate, manipulated by the Shadow King, posed a significant threat until Magneto intervened, stabilizing Rogue and eliminating the duplicate.

Years later, Carol, now using the codename Warbird, and Rogue faced off again. This time, they discovered a doppelganger of Carol from an alternate reality, who blamed Rogue for her world’s destruction. Despite teaming up to defeat this Warbird, Carol admitted she had never fully forgiven Rogue for stealing her powers.

Their relationship took another turn during the AVENGERS VS. X-MEN (2012) event. Carol, now Captain Marvel, was sent to talk to Rogue about the Phoenix Five threat. Misunderstanding Carol’s intentions, Rogue attacked her, leading to a brutal battle. However, this confrontation ended with Rogue realizing the truth and attempting to free Carol from a volcanic prison.

Following these events, Rogue joined the Uncanny Avengers, and Carol embraced her role as Captain Marvel. They were forced to team up again when the villainous Nuclear Man trapped Captain Marvel and lured Rogue into a fight. This encounter led to a brief moment where Rogue absorbed all of Carol’s powers and psyche, allowing them to work together to defeat their common enemy.

In the “Revenge of the Brood” storyline, Captain Marvel created a new Binary, a sentient energy being. When Rogue and Binary sent distress calls, Carol teamed up with Rogue’s husband, Gambit, and other X-Men to investigate. They discovered Rogue had been transformed into a Brood alien. After defeating the Brood, they found the real Rogue and Binary, who revealed the Brood’s plan to use Binary’s power to destroy the Kree.

Binary’s death while trying to free Carol drove her to kill the Brood Empress. As Carol’s powers went into overdrive, Rogue absorbed half of her power to stabilize her. This act of compassion and trust marked a significant moment in their relationship, showing how far they had come from their initial animosity.

While Carol and Rogue may never be best friends, their journey from bitter rivals to allies demonstrates a deep mutual respect. Their reconciliation in CAPTAIN MARVEL #49 is a testament to their growth and the complex history they share.

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