Aespa’s Ningning reveals her hilarious ‘Nos list on Hyo’s Level Up

Aespa’s Ningning reveals her hilarious ‘Nos list on Hyo’s Level Up

aespa’s Ningning made a memorable appearance as the first official guest on Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon’s new YouTube series, ‘Hyo’s Level Up’.

During the episode, Hyoyeon treated Ningning to one of her favorite Korean dishes, sundae gukbap. As they enjoyed their meal, Hyoyeon brought up a humorous list that Ningning and her fans had created. Hyoyeon said, “I heard that there is a list made by fans called ‘Ningning’s ‘No’s List’. I found it funny.”

She continued, “1. No manners. 2. No running. 3. No flowers. 4. Life motto = Trust Nobody.”

Ningning couldn’t help but laugh at the mention of the list. Hyoyeon then added, “I heard there is something new that needs to be added to this list. ‘No Airpods’. You lost your Airpods 16 times?”

Ningning explained, “I don’t just lose individual pieces, I lose the case with the Airpods in it. I lose items easily. When I lose something, I just go, ‘It was meant to be’.”

Hyoyeon, amused by Ningning’s nonchalant attitude, commented, “If you lost 16 Airpods, isn’t that like well over $2,000? If I ever pick up a pair of Airpods you lost, I could sell it used and make a buck.”

The light-hearted conversation between the two idols provided fans with a glimpse into Ningning’s quirky personality and her easygoing approach to life’s little mishaps. The episode of ‘Hyo’s Level Up’ featuring Ningning is available for fans to watch and enjoy.

In other news, Red Velvet’s Joy gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot for ‘W’ magazine’s digital cover. The video offers a sneak peek at the shoot and Joy’s insights. Joy’s outfits are from the Italian luxury brand Tod’s, which she has represented as a brand ambassador since 2021.

Meanwhile, Jay Park has revealed the track list for ‘Jay Park Season 2’. The teaser image lists the tracks on his upcoming album, including a feature from KISS OF LIFE’s Natty on the title song “Taxi Blurr”. ‘Jay Park Season 2’ is set to drop on May 28 KST and aims to showcase a more mature aspect of his artistry with a unique twist on R&B sounds.

Additionally, JYP Entertainment admitted that the equipment malfunction during NMIXX’s performance at Shinhan University was planned. The MR malfunction during their performance of “DICE” initially drew interest for the group’s professionalism and live vocals. However, it was later revealed to be a planned event, causing disappointment among some fans.

AKMU also revealed a highlight medley for their upcoming album ‘LOVE EPISODE’. The teaser video previews tracks like “Hero”, “Long-Distance”, “Cake and Peace”, “Frustrated”, “LOVE LEE”, and “Fried Dream”. ‘LOVE EPISODE’ is set to drop on June 3 KST.

Fans can look forward to more exciting content and updates from their favorite artists in the coming days.

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